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Goose Eggs and Skillets: TCU flattens SMU

The Frogs struggle early, and come on late while the defense keeps SMU off the scoreboard for the first Frog shutout in Dallas since 1960

Boykin played a pretty decent game, all things considered.
Boykin played a pretty decent game, all things considered.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a few hiccups on both offense and defense (with the offense sputtering on the one, and TCU's defense having to come up with a goal line stand of their own) the Frogs control this one throughout and put together a comfortable win over the hated Mustangs.  It wasn't always pretty, it wasn't always exactly what you wanted to see, but the Frogs kept the offense Vanilla, Boykin didn't turn the ball over (and had only two bad reads) and the defense showed a lot of heart in making sure that the Mustangs stayed off the scoreboard at the end of the fourth quarter when it seemed certain the ponies would ruin the shutout.  Speaking of- first time the mustangs have been shut out at home since 1999.  There have been a lot of good TCU defenses to roll into Dallas in the Patterson era, but this is the first one to shut the ponies out in the wrong side of the metroplex since 1960.  All in all a perfect end to the nonconference season, as the frogs got what we wanted- a win, a shutout and a skillet, while Patterson got what he wanted most- something to yell and be sulky about this week to keep the players from feeling too full of themselves heading into OU week.

It's our damn skillet.  Now let's get ready to beat OU.

Postgame analysis to come.

Go Frogs.