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Postgame Analysis: TCU 56, SMU 0

The Frogs O' War crew checks in with their instant analysis of the game that was against the hated Mustangs.

Terrell Lathan was a monster today
Terrell Lathan was a monster today
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

HawkeyedFrog: When your first reaction coming out of a 56-0 whitewashing of one of your most hated rivals is "We should've put the game away a lot earlier", you know things went pretty well.  Things started fairly negatively in the game, so we'll kick off with the negative as well- The coverage wasn't consistent early on, letting the SMU slot receivers make a lot of hay underneath and breaking toward the sideline and the offensive playcalling seemed Anderson-esque on the first goal line drive- three identical running plays, none of which had the proper personnel to give the Frogs the best chance of getting into the end zone.  That was followed shortly by what should have been a three and out, had TCU not (again) allowed a punter to convert a run to a first down, which let SMU make its best sustained drive of the season down to the TCU one before a tipped pass made sure the ponies stayed out of the end zone and off the scoreboard.  Also Oberkrom missed two field goals (one pushed right and one just blocked), so some stuff to work on on special teams this week.

On the good side of the ledger, Boykin had a pretty good game of making reads in the running game and didn't force too much downfield- generally keeping the ball away from SMU defenders even if it meant putting the ball in more difficult spots for receivers to catch.  I'm very okay with this as we go forward, as most the the receivers for the Frogs have big catch radiuses and if we can avoid the turnover this offense will give us plenty of chances to make up for the occasional dropped ball.  B.J. Catalon also recovered from the slow start as the co-OCs did a better job of mixing the run calls to be better at what Catalon does well, and he showed why hes a Doak Walker candidate despite being stuffed on the goal line on those repeated dives- when you start the O-line moving to give him a lane or two to choose from, there are few better backs in the country than Catalon at planting, cutting and getting upfield in a hurry.  The TCU D-line had one of their best games in years, continually bullying the SMU line back into the quarterback and racking up a phenomenal 8 sacks- Lathan and Chucky Hunter in particular deserve any accolade you want to give them this week as Hunter regularly not only took on double teams, but beat them to put pressure on Krstich (That name looks like a small animal walked across the keyboard, doesn't it?) and Lathan was a terror off the edge.  To me this was the perfect mix of enjoyable buttkicking of a hapless SMU squad and enough miscues for Patterson to still have something to yell about during practice this week while we get ready for OU.  Speaking of, I'm ready for that game any time they want to get on the field right now.

Keep checking in on this thread, as the rest of the Frogs O' War Staff will be dropping by with their thoughts and analysis as they get home.