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Overreaction Sunday: Iron Skillet Edition

Boykin's ceiling, the arrival of Deante' Gray, and the big question; is this TCU's best defense ever?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to calibrate the pros and cons of a team after they play SMU. However, despite a sluggish start in the first quarter, the Frogs dominated their crosstown rivals and cruised to a 56-0 victory. The Air Raid continues to polish itself and racked up a jaw-dropping 612 yards. The defense continues to make the case for the best Patterson's ever had, and despite a rare, close miss, Jaden Oberkrom will be fine. All in all, the Iron Skillet was a fun watch. Espesically if you're a bit of a college football masochist.

**-Some words below will look like hyperbole. But I assure you, it's not. It's SMU.

Boykin's still got work to do. But he's still vastly improved and hasn't come close to his ceiling

First thing's first, he's still throwing high. Second, he's rolling out of the pocket when he doesn't need to. The latter doesn't really bother me because he's such an amazing athlete that he can get away with it--especially against teams like SMU. However, Boykin won't have that same luxury against Oklahoma next Saturday.

Third, he really needs to time that kill shot to Listenbee. It wasn't working in the Minnesota game and it didn't work yesterday. The Sooners are vulnerable to big plays and having the fastest athlete at TCU--which, barring a Rookie of the Year situation makes him the fastest at the school--is too dangerous of an asset to overthrow. If Deuce Boogie just puts a little more air under it, it's going to be the most dangerous play in TCU's arsenal.

Oh, yeah. Boykin also looked solid running the ball and collected two scores on the ground.

Deante' Gray has ARRIVED.

I'm not sure if you can call Gray an underdog, but like Boykin and Jordan Moore, Gray has played a number of positions since his freshman year. So in a way, this arrival is out of left field. Meacham's using Gray as the hybrid receiver/running back much like Texas uses former TCU commit Daje Johnson. Gray, even more so than Ty Slanina or Cameron Echols-Luper, may be that x-factor the Frogs need in the slot.

The running game will be a great weapon...

Catalon, Aaron Green, and Kyle Hicks all looked superb yesterday. Green in the open field is lethal, Hicks is a physical Emmitt Smith-esque back, and Catalon was making cuts like he's ready to play on Sundays.

...that is if the offensive line will allow it

The line was fine yesterday. Though SMU's goal line stop wasn't completely on them, a TCU fan would be justified in worrying about the o-line's future as we get into the stretch of Oklahoma, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia.

Joeckel will be a solid asset

Should things hit the fan with Boykin, I liked what I saw with from the Joker. Again, it's to be taken with grain of salt because, you know, SMU. However, Joeckel looked improved from the Samford game.

Third-Down efficiency still needs to be improved

The Frogs were 5-11 Saturday, which statistically is better than it's been lately. But again, given the opponent, it should've been higher. TCU can't afford a 30% conversion rate in Big 12 play.

Oberkrom will be fine.

The campaign for #OberkromForHeisman may have come to a halt Saturday, but considering Jaden can knock one confidently from nearly 70-yards in practice, he'll be fine. Side note: I'm still shipping him as TCU's biggest weapon for next weekend's game.

This is the most complete defense GMFP's had yet

Not sure if we should start calling it the greatest. But every aspect of the defense is on point. There aren't any identifiable weaknesses yet. The linebackers are as good as they've been since TCU churned out Grade-A linebackers like Wes Welker churned out superfluity of dental problems at the Kentucky Derby. It's also hard to say this isn't our best defensive line ever. James McFarland had three sacks yesterday, and his partners in crime have been turning heads all throughout the year as well.

And the most popular Vine/GIF/video from yesterday