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Around the Big 12: Week 5

The standings have been updated, and everything stayed the same.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Current Standings

1. tylervr11 (33-1)

2. Marshall Weber (32-2)

3. coachmelissa (31-3)

4. Hawkeyed Frog (30-3)

5. Jamie Plunkett (29-5)

No. 24 Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 35

This game was closer than people thought it would be, largely due to the Cowboys' inability to run the ball consistently. In the end it didn't matter though, and Davis Webb hurt his shoulder in the process for the Raiders. Hawk had the closest margin of victory, while I nailed Oklahoma State's score.

Next Up: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State , Texas Tech @ Kansas State

No. 25 Kansas State 58, UTEP 28

Roll Snyd. Charles Jones ran for three touchdowns and this game was never in doubt. No staffer was within 16 points of picking the correct KSU score, or 11 points of the correct UTEP score. I was one point off the margin of victory, with 29.

Next Week: Kansas State vs. Texas Tech

Texas 23, Kansas 0

This is the game that ended Charlie Weis' tenure at Kansas. He was fired this morning. Tyrone Swoopes and Texas looked less-than-average in shutting out a Jayhawks team that threw four interceptions. This was a boring game. The staff all thought Texas would break 30, and would give up at least one pity-score to KU. Neither happened.

Next Week: Texas @ Baylor, Kansas @ West Virginia

No. 7 Baylor 49, Iowa State 28

Baylor went through the motions and almost scored 50 on an Iowa State team that was pretty helpless. Everyone picked Baylor. Ho hum.

Next Week: Baylor vs. Texas

TCU 56, SMU 0

I AM SO SMART. S-M-R-T. Nailed it. I did miss on my prediction that Boykin would have 400 yards of total offense, he only had 342 and 6 touchdowns (4 passing, 2 rushing). Marshall is the only other staffer that picked a shutout, so this week is shame a writer week for those that thought SMU would score.

Next Week: TCU vs. Oklahoma