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Game Week: Oklahoma Comes to Town

After two incredibly close games, is this the year the Frogs break through against the Sooners?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Opponent: Oklahoma Sooners

Record: 4-0

Ranking: No. 4 - AP Poll, No. 3 - Coaches Poll

Last Result: OU 45, West Virginia 33

Sooners on Offense

First things first, it really doesn't matter that Keith Ford isn't playing for the Sooners in this game. Samaje Perine is a beast, and TCU will have to focus a lot of their attention on the 5-foot-11, 243 pound bowling ball if they want to stop him. I have no doubt TCU can slow him down, but how much, without leaving OU's core of receivers wide open? In his first game as the go-to guy, Perine had 34 carries for 242 yards and four touchdowns. He's a downhill runner that doesn't go down easily, so the linebackers will need to be there in support to get him to the ground.

Trevor Knight looked good in Oklahoma's first three games of the season, but was relatively average against a West Virginia secondary that isn't too shabby. We should all be happy the TCU secondary had a solid first day of practice, because they'll need to be on their A-game to slow down this Sooners passing attack.

Keep an eye on who lines up against Sterling Shepard, OU's premier receiver. It'll probably be Kevin White most of the time, which will be a really fun matchup to watch (more on this matchup, and others, later in the week).

Overall, the Sooners are averaging 495 yards of offense and 44.8 points per game this season. This game will require a great performance from the defense, one I'm more than confident they're able to give.

Sooners on Defense

Two things stood out to me in watching highlights of the West Virginia and Tennessee games (which you can also watch below). First, Oklahoma has some tall guys in the secondary. All four safeties on their two-deep are 6' or taller. Meanwhile, starting cornerback Julian Wilson stands at 6-foot-2. This led to smaller passing windows for opposing quarterbacks, and will require Trevone Boykin to be as accurate as he's ever been when passing the ball.

The Sooners' defensive line is huge. Often they can rush only three and still get pressure.

One more thing to note: Slow developing plays out in the flat don't seem to work well against this defense. They're too fast. So all those throws to the flat that Boykin likes to make either need to happen faster, or need to be benched for this game.

The biggest thing this all amounts to though, is the offensive line. They'll need to be on their A-game to give Boykin time to throw, and to open running lanes for Catalon and Co.

This is going to be a hard game to win, but is it winnable? Absolutely. With as close as the Frogs have been the past two years with that abysmal excuse for an offense, this TCU team definitely has the ability to beat the Sooners, it's just a matter of execution.

Check out highlights from the West Virginia and Tennesee games, and let me know what you think.