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Frogs O'War Week One Awards

Fighting the bye week blues with awards you should take very, very seriously...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Bye weeks are never fun, especially after a game that had so much promise.  But hopefully, we can semi make it up to you with arbitrary awards. Until I can figure out a better name for the weekly hardware we'll be handing out (please feel free to make suggestions), we are stuck calling these  "Week One Awards".

The Awards.

MVP: Trevone Boykin

Momentarily silencing his critics—Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week, Trevone Boykin gets the game ball, the MVP, whatever you want to call it. Also points for helping my sister defeat some heteronormative Tech goobers at bar Jenga the other night. Simply because "they went to Tech".

Pleased to Meet Me: Mike Tuaua

There are so many puns I could’ve made with Devonte. My dream of writing a column called "Fields of Gold" and crossing over Gordon Sumner and The Police with TCU football was almost too good to be true. But Tuaua made things look pretty easy Saturday night. It was as if the Samford offensive was walking on the moon, and Tuaua, the King of Pain, brought down the hammer with every breath they’d take.

Imma Let You Finish, But First, Let Me Intercept Your Interception: Paul Dawson, "taking away" Ranthony Texada’s interception.


Hate or Love it,  The Underdog’s on Top: Kolby Listenbee

Listenbee was a darkhorse answer for TCU’s question at outside receiver. Despite having all the tools, he took a backseat to the Jajuan Story and Josh Doctson chatter. TCU will play teams with better secondaries than Samford (cc: STamford), but Listenbee was beating his man on every play—considerably. He won’t cruise that easy in conference play, but it won’t be too far off either. Also, if he and Boykin get that hail mary timed, TCU could put up 50 against Minnesota. Just on that play.

Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams Award: Trevorris Johnson and Kyle Hicks

My favorite 1-2 punch of the BCS era, and what I think will become my favorite 1-2 punch in college football history. Johnson and Hicks both stirred up praise during fall camp, and both lived up to the hype. BJ Catalon is understandably the number one, and in the new offense, he will shine. But a good year, and a plethora of great backs behind him, Catalon could bolt for the NFL.

C’Mon Man: Andy Dalton and the TCU Marketing team

I have a couple of qualms with Andy closing out the new intro video. For one, he’s not on a bed of money. We all know he just got paid, so why all the cloak and daggers? Why not just get to the point? Throw it in a pool and swim in your money. Make an Iron Throne out of cash. Which leads me to my second point—could they not throw him a TCU shirt? We’re all proud of the Red Rifle and his NFL success. But if we’re going to have the most important player of the Gary Patterson-era get us hyped for said game, can he do it in something other than his Bengals practice jersey?