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Around the Big 12: Week 2

There was more moving and shaking in the staff pick standings, as a few people went undefeated while one of us made horrible decisions.

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Current Standings

1. tylervr (17-0)

T-2. coachmelissa (16-1)

T-2. Hawkeyed Frog (16-1)

T-2. Marshall Weber (16-1)

5. Jamie Plunkett (14-3)

No. 4 Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7

Oklahoma straight up crushed Tulsa, which is par for the course. So par for the course, in fact, that several Oklahoma fans I spoke to were irrationally upset that Tulsa even scored at all (admittedly so). Two people (Hawk and Tyler) both nailed the points total for Oklahoma, but every staffer thought Tulsa would score more than 7. This was one of the easier picks of the week, as everyone was within 10 points of each team's final score.

No. 20 Kansas State 32, Iowa State 28

Well this game was almost a redemption story for Iowa State, who did their best to put the Week 1 loss to NDSU behind them. If not for a late game defensive collapse, they walk away 1-1. Every staffer got this game right, but no one was as close as Hawk, who had the game pegged almost exactly, with a 34-28 prediction.

Oklahoma State 40, Missouri State 23

This game was devastating for the Cowboys. Not because they let Missouri State score 23, but because J.W. Walsh suffered a broken foot, and could be out for the next 8 weeks. So far, so good, everyone's 3-for-3.

Kansas 34, SE Missouri State 28

So, Kansas is still bad. It took everything they had to keep from losing to SE Missouri State, who scored 21 fourth quarter points to scare Kansas at home. I finally got on the board with the closest pick, predicting a 35-27 Kansas win.

BYU 41, Texas 7

I am an idiot. Ok, now that that's out of the way, you can all laugh because every staffer, except yours truly, picked BYU to win this game. Call me a Big 12 homer, that's fine. However, no one had BYU winning by 34, as they did. Instead, everyone had the game being decided by less than 10 points.

West Virginia 54, Towson 0

Hilariously, Hawk's 70-20 prediction resulted in the closest margin of victory prediction, while everyone else underestimated West Virginia's offense.

Baylor 70, Northwestern State 6

Not going to lie, despite who the opponent was, I was impressed with Seth Russell and KD Cannon on Saturday. Props to Tyler for getting closest to the correct score with his 66-7 prediction.

Texas Tech 30, UTEP 26

All UTEP needed was one more stop, and I would have been a genius. But no. Texas Tech pulled off the comeback victory in El Paso, and in doing so have eeked out a 2-0 record by a total of 11 points against Central Arkansas and the Miners. In the end, 2-0 is all that matters I suppose, but they don't look like they'll be capable of winning many Big 12 games. Props to Hawk (man, he had a really good week) who had the closest MoV and score.