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Jordan Moore is (likely) headed to LSU

According to his Instagram, it looks like Jordan Moore will be Baton Rouge bound come fall...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

They never found a place for him. Three years ago this February, Jordan Moore had my favorite recruiting moment thus far in TCU’s history. At an Atlanta Hawks game; Moore choosing a TCU hat over an Auburn one, threw up the dual "Go Frogs" with a glistening smile.

The athlete; which is the best term to use when talking Moore; had a high ceiling for me for two reasons. (1) He was one of the better recruits in the class, and (2) he eased the salt in the wound with Daje Johnson and Johnathan Gray choosing to go to Texas. While it may have been wonderful to have Johnson and Gray going into the inaugural year in the Big 12, those positions worked out fine. Building on the second point, I'd hoped Moore would be the new standard of TCU's recruiting process in the Southeast. If we could take Moore from Atlanta, and the SEC's grasp, then the recruiting ceiling would get that much higher. It was encouraging thought going into the Big 12.

Not unlike Trevone Boykin, Moore played anything you asked him to. He did these things well, too. Unlike Boykin, however, Moore’s destiny hasn’t been fulfilled, because just about everyone--myself included--has no idea where that is. It could be safety. It could be receiver. No one really knows. Personally, I was excited and optimistic that Moore would finally find his niche his senior year with voids to fill at both linebacker and safety. "Finally, this was going to be the Jordan Moore that TCU fans and Jordan both deserved" I said to myself early last week.

You can’t blame Moore for wanting to seek out somewhere that he believes would better fit his skillset. The Frogs have undergone quite a few changes in the past 365 days. We didn’t even know Boykin would be starting in August; and we sure as hell didn’t know where hybrid players like Moore and Deante’ Gray would end up. And while it’s worked/ing for Gray, and worked/ing for Cameron Echols-Luper, it sadly never could work for Jordan. And that’s not a slight against him, either. He always played very well, it’s just the sprawl that killed him. And I get it. Waking up, not knowing where exactly you fit on the team must’ve sucked. Especially when you’re as brilliant of an athlete as Moore is.

It’s all about maturation. TCU’s no longer in the teenage years of the Gary Patterson era; and the jump to the Big 12 won’t be without growing pains. Losing a great kid like Moore hurts. But it’s part of the process. Knowing that with better teams, better players, and playing better competition--not everyone will stay for the full train ride. It’s not personal. It’s not vindictive. It’s just life.

I’m excited to watch Moore at LSU and in the SEC. I think I speak for all of FoW when I say, best of luck, Jordan. Geaux Frogs.