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Friday Links O' War: January 2, 2015

So it's an Oregon-Ohio State National Championship. Alrighty then.


TCU also delivered a message about defense | Fort Worth Star Telegram

In its New Year’s Six bowl appearance, TCU wanted to re-establish its reputation on defense as much as showcase its playoff quality.

TCU would have matched up better than 'Noles against Ducks | Big Mac Blog

Watching Oregon emasculate the previously undefeated uber masculine Florida State in the Rose Bowl made me long for Froggies vs. Ducks. That would have been a game.

Baylor can't hold up its end of the debate | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Their coach politicked and cried foul, called anyone who was pro-TCU a Commie or a Canadian, and even confronted the conference commissioner for hurting his team’s playoff chances.

Art Briles Looks Pathetic in Baylor Bears Cotton Bowl Loss to Michigan State Spartans | Saturday Blitz

Instead of spending all the time whining about being left out, maybe you should have spent more time coaching your players to hold onto the lead.


TCU Opens Conference Play Saturday Afternoon |

The TCU men's basketball program opens conference play on the hardwood Saturday against No. 15 West Virginia. Start time is set for 3:00 p.m. CT inside Wilkerson-Greines.