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Weekend Recruiting Roundup: 1/26/15

The Frogs have a successful recruiting weekend, but the biggest question is still Daylon Mack...

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The broad strokes for TCU's 2015 class are there, and it's just about complete. This past weekend was very successful for the Frogs, but nine days from signing day, the looming question is whether or not Gary and Company can land the coveted Daylon Mack. Mack, had a "great" in-home with the all coaches late last week, but his successful trip to Austin this past weekend has made both A&M and TCU hit the panic button.

Landing Mack

What are the chances of TCU landing their first 5-star? Better than you’d think. It’s TCU vs. Texas vs. Texas A&M. First, how big is the Chavis hire in regards to Mack? With ESPN’s Derek Tyson, Mack stated; "He’s one of the reason’s I was considering LSU, but because of that I’m going to change my visit plans around..."I have a great relationship with Coach Chavis -- they are right back in it. That’s why I’m taking an official there." When you look at Mack’s relationship with Chavis, or his friendship with recent Texas crown jewel, Malik Jefferson, understanding his desire to go to one of these rival schools is understandable. But could the Frogs very well be the silent leader?

This isn’t The Imitation Game. You don’t have to be a cryptanalyst to decipher a solely emoji tweet by Mack,  tweeted simultaneously as the TCU defense destroyed Ole Miss. You know he was watching the game and tweeted about it. How could that defensive performance not make a player like him drool? Albeit, they have a new coordinator coming, Texas A&M’s defense struggled with West Virginia. So maybe being part of a rebuilding is enticing to Mack.

The Frogs’  bowl performance not only surpassed the other two’s significantly, it was flawless. Strong’s defense is there now, and so is Gary’s. Like with any system, it’ll (likely) take Chavis a year or two before Texas A&M’s defense is able to sniff either Texas or TCU. Should he come to TCU, Mack would get in the mix immediately, and likely start as a freshman--and given Gary’s schemes and Mack’s prowess, he’d have a pretty damn good shot to be a Freshman All-American, if not more.

Then there’s The Gary Factor. There aren’t many words in the dictionary to describe the tragedy and bizarreness of Devonte Fields’ time at TCU. And given his unique run, one can understand Gary’s reluctance to get a high profile player in small system like that again. But Gary’s taking it upon himself to get Mack, something he rarely does--at least to this degree. Had Fields finished up at TCU, based on the chatter before his exit, Fields was looking like a Top Fifteen pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. But as life, and whatever else, slipped through Fields’ fingers, so did the idea that Gary and TCU could handle a recruit like Fields. I don’t know Fields personally. I don’t know Mack personally. I’ve only met Gary a handful of times. But I do know that Daylon Mack must be something pretty damn special--both on and off the field--for Gary to put this much emphasis on a recruit.

Mack’s visit to Texas is stressful. Mostly because this came at the pinnacle of a high drama week for Texas recruiting. The Kyler Murray visit should be taken with more than just a grain of salt, but I still think A&M has a pretty good lead. Should Murray commit to Texas however, that could very well be the tipping point for Mack going to Austin.

I’ve had something on Mack on my Google Docs for nearly a month now, and every week, it goes out of style. Malik’s first sell of Mack to Texas, Mack’s decommitment--and recommitment--from Texas A&M, his LSU and Auburn considerations, etc. But one thing has remained consistent this month, his love for TCU. We all over analyze what he tweets, what he favorites, and so on--but if we do want to keep an eye out on that kind of stuff, Mack’s love is there. He follows the TCU fan accounts, and favorites mostly TCU related tweets. So that’s something, right?


Daylon Mack. 6-4, 310 pounds.


Defensive tackle.


Gladewater, TX


Pretty much unanimous 5-star--except for Rivals because, who knows...




Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, all things considered however, it’s TCU’s to lose. But after his weekend visit at Texas--and knowing it went well--I’m prepared for heartbreak.

Others to watch

Terrell Chatman: Chatman, the receiver from Baton Rouge, is a bit of a longshot. He’s been committed to Miami since July, but his late visit to Fort Worth is promising. While TCU isn’t short on receivers, you can never have too many. Whether TCU flips Chatman or not, the Frog footprint in Louisiana looms larger every year.

Jonah Moi: A JUCO linebacker from Riverside, Moi could make an immediate impact in Fort Worth. He’s a soft verbal with Washington State, but given the former statement,  it’s pretty safe to assume the TCU coaches are selling the Frogs pretty hard.

Arico Evans: Flipping Evans is encouraging (from Kansas) is encouraging for two reasons. (1) He’s really good. (2) It’s proof that new Kansas head coach, David Beaty, is going to have his work cut out for him. He was a great assistant at A&M, but the Jayhawks have a long way to go before they make any sort of dent on the Texas recruiting trail.

Kavontae Turpin: Per Melissa’s post yesterday: "KaVontae will be another explosive weapon for Cumbie and Meacham's Air Raid offense, and could be used in a role similar to Desmon White, who got significant snaps in his true freshman season. At Neville, he took snaps at receiver, running back, and even QB, showing excellent vision and patience. Very quick on his feet, Turpin can change directions on a dime, uses the jump cut very well, and has the strength to break tackles combined with the speed to run away from defenders. He's definitely not afraid of contact, and his highlights show plenty of him lowering his shoulder and bringing the boom on unsuspecting defenders. Though not a big kid, he is deceptively strong and has a real nose for the end zone. Turpin is also a gamer - his three touchdowns (runs of 1 and 63 yards and a reception for 37) in the state championship game gave his Tigers a come from behind victory and a 4A title"

Hang tight everyone, we're almost home.