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Saturday Links O' War: January 3, 2015

TCU men's basketball begins their Big 12 campaign today. Can they stay undefeated?


Hail to the Frogs: TCU boasts some classy young men | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Only three years after joining the Big 12, the Horned Frogs took the conference title (along with co-champion Baylor) and won the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, beating out Ole Miss, a member of the much vaunted SEC.

Oregon Ducks fans react to Rose Bowl romp: 'TCU would have been tougher test' | The Oregonian

The Ducks, who were 7 1/2 point favorites entering the game, outscored the Seminoles 41-7 in the second half to run away with the game.

National reaction: 'Elite' TCU would have played Oregon closer than Florida State | Dallas Morning News

After embarrassing losses by Baylor, the team one spot ahead, and Florida State, the undefeated but unproven team that got the spot all three were vying for, some are thinking about what could have been for the Horned Frogs this year.


After heavy prep, Frogs await West Virginia in Big 12 opener | Fort Worth Star Telegram

If nothing else, the TCU men figured to be prepared for their Big 12 basketball opener Saturday against West Virginia.

West Virginia-TCU a big game? In basketball? | Boston Globe

There is an obvious choice for best game of the weekend, but no one could have predicted it two months ago. All eyes — OK, at least some eyes — will be on the West Virginia-TCU game Saturday in Fort Worth.