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Basketball Q&A With Smoking Musket

It's now time to turn our full attention to men's basketball, as football is over and the Big 12 season is just beginning for TCU round ball. Jamie sat down with Matt Kirchner of The Smoking Musket to get to know West Virginia basketball.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

As TCU enters Big 12 play it's time to bring back the basketball Q&A's. I started us off this year by sitting down with Matt Kirchner from the Smoking Musket to learn more about West Virginia's basketball team. You can check out his questions and my answers over at the Smoking Musket later today.

Jamie: West Virginia is one loss away (LSU) from also starting the season 13-0, what went wrong in that game to keep the 'Eers from being perfect at this point?

Matt: he LSU game was an infuriating one. The Eers jumped off to a big lead in the second half and then just....imploded.  Shots stopped falling and we had some defensive break downs lead to LSU hitting a lay up in the final seconds to take the lead and the win.

It was a loss that was all on us and hopefully not one that catches up with us late.

Jamie: Who should TCU fans watch for on this Mountaineer squad?

Matt: Obviously, it all starts with Juwan Staten. He's the leader on the floor and everything goes through him.

Beyond Wan, our young guards have really answered the call to replace the lost scoring from Terry Henderson and Eron Harris. Dax Miles, Jevon Carter, and Jaysean Paige are all capable of scoring in bunches.

I really feel like I could list our whole team here to be honest. Scoring has been spread out tremendously on this team and I look for more of the same tomorrow.

Jamie: TCU has started the season really well, and a large part of that is rebounding and offensive efficiency, paired with their already solid defense. What can West Virginia do to disrupt TCU and pull out a win?

Matt: It's all about pressure. WVU is going to throw a full court press and you for 40 minutes, force a ton of turnovers, and score off them.

Every team WVU has played gets to a point I've started calling the "Frustration Event Horizon" where they start doing tremendously stupid things for no particular reason.

TCU's guards are really going to have to come to play or WVU will capitalize off of every little mistake.

Jamie: Given how things have shaken out in non-conference, how obvious is it to you that the Big 12 is the best basketball conference?

Matt: It's awesome. This league this season reminds me of some of the best that the Big East has to offer.

I can see 7 or 8 teams being in real contention for pretty high seeds in the Big Dance.

It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Jamie: Give us a prediction for the outcome of the game.

Matt: I think that WVU wins a hard fought game. The pressure will eventually wear TCU down and the Mountaineers will ride a late run to a good road win against an up and coming team.

I'm super excited to see how TCU has improved, though. I've really never been happier for another team's great earlier start. It's an awesome time for the Frogs.

Jamie: BONUS: How badly do you all want that Saturday afternoon in Morgantown back?

Matt: /collapses into fetal position