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Recruiting Shootaround: Friday, January 30th

With five-ish days away from National Signing Day, Marsh and Melissa blast through a shootaround and discuss Daylon Mack, their 2015 favorites, and which TCU coach would be the most likely to persuade them...

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Welp, it's almost here. In just five days, TCU puts their final touches on their 2015 class. Melissa and I sat down to ask each other the important questions such as; who's going to make the most immediate impact, the Daylon Mack situation, and which TCU coach would do the best job at recruiting Melissa and myself.

As always, we appreciate the feedback at FoW. Who are y'all most excited to see from the 2015 class?

Less than a week away from signing day--how are you feeling?

It's been an excellent last few weeks for TCU coaches on the recruiting trail, as they have done serious work to close on some big names. The late flips and last few commitments look, on paper, to be legitimate difference makers. This will be the best class in TCU's history, and has a chance to set the Frogs and Coach P up for success for the foreseeable future. It has also set up the Frogs as a destination school - going forward, no one will be surprised to see big name 4 and 5 stars sign with GP. There will always be nerves - anything can happen until the kids sign on the dotted line, but it seems most of the key pieces are 100% on board. If there is one kid I am especially ready to see put pen to paper it's Tipa Gilea, who has taken some in home visits this week, though he has maintained he is committed to the Frogs.

What's the biggest surprise thus far?

TCU has managed to flip two interesting athletes late, that could end up being significant contributors. But the biggest surprise to me is how many wide receivers we have signed. Though I know they won't all play that position at the next level, it's still pretty incredible to see seven guys with that skill set sign in one class. The size, speed, and hands of that group is pretty special - and it sets the precedent that the Frogs will continue to be an offensive powerhouse that relies on exceptional athleticism and development to create defensive stalwarts from once offensive stars. I'm also a little surprised that Daylon Mack has kept TCU in the race right down to the wire - I don't feel like we have been in this position with this big of a name ever.

Which recruit are you most excited for?

Jaelan Austin and JF Thomas both look to be immediate impact guys on the offensive side of the ball, and will make the impending graduation of Doctson, Gray, Listenbee, et all not as hard to stomach. I also love Deshawn Raymond's potential manning the boundary, Alec Dunham might be the next great LB, and how can you not be pumped for the eloquent Sam Alowope?

Who makes an immediate impact?

This could be a long list… the talent level of this class is outstanding. I think Austin and Raymond both contribute significantly, but I'm going to go with a surprise - Kavontae Turpin comes in and is a freshman All-American as a return specialist.

Yeah, I have to go with Raymond. We have more depth than people think in the secondary. But he’s a raw talent. He’s already at school. He’s getting in the mix. He’ll be ready to go come fall.

Daylon Mack is really taking this to the wire. Texas fans are quite confident they have him locked up. A&M fans, while hesitant earlier in the week, may be a little confident now. Where do y'all stand?

I don't know if Murray sticking with A&M helps or hurts us… but I'm not feeling great about our chances at this point. He would be a major get, but the lures of John Chavis or playing with one of his best friends might win out. Though I don't think there is any question the GP and Bumpas have a track record of getting the very most out of kids, Mack seems to have a great admiration for Chavis, too. I'm going to give TCU 37%, A&M 41, and UT 22%.

I think Texas has Mack locked down pretty tight. I'd say it's 50% them, 25% us and 25% Texas A&M. But let's get to what's really important--If you were a recruit, which TCU coach would be most likely to persuade you?

I guess I depends on what position I play. If I'm an offensive guy, there's no one with more swag on the staff than Meacham. He is one cool dude. If I'm a D guy, I want to hear from the big dog, though Coach Luper seems like an excellent recruiter in his own right.

Those are my two as well. Meacham wears vans, I own a pair of vans—so there’s that. But I think Looper is about as a good of a closer as you can find. Like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry type of closing.

I think at this point, it's just about locked up. Mack pledging would just be icing on the cake. I hate to bring up Texas again, but if they don't land Soso, as well as some other guys on the fence, they might see their class as a failure. Is there any nightmare scenario for TCU? Or is it just gravy from here?

The only thing that could hurt from here would be UT or any other conference foes flip some of our big names on signing day. As is often the case, TCU was ahead of the curve with some kids who have become hot names late, and there are plenty of coaches spending time in the homes of TCU's verbals the past few weeks. While all seem solid on the Frogs, who knows what kind of impact a late push may make. I especially worry about Austin, Thomas, and Stewart at WR, who have had incredible momentum late. Semaj Thomas is another one that other schools seem to be putting pressure on. But as long as we hold on to the majority of our guys, this class is an amazing success, and I expect to be hearing these names a lot for the next 3-5 years.

Any big, final predictions?

TCU flips a four star on signing day that shocks everyone. We hold on to the rest of our class, Mack is an Aggie.

My #HotTake prediction is that we flip Moi from Washington State. I love Mike Leach, but when a team throws for 6,000 passing yards, you have to wonder if their priorities are anywhere else but throwing the ball.