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TCU Football Wishlist for 2015

The people, things, and everything else we'd like love to see next season...

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The new year is a time of resolution, hopes, and wishes. After a tremendous 2014 season, the ceiling gets even higher for the Frogs going into 2015. So here are ten things that I want most. But it's all love here at Frogs O'War, and we're not a selfish bunch. So tell us what you'd like to see most from TCU football in 2015 below...

Marsh's Wishlist

More of the white and purple uniform combo

Gah...Remember when this was teased earlier in the year? There have been a few concept helmets in recent memory that never came to fruition--but I’m elated the white helmet did. The Frogs didn’t play the best in the all-white Stormtrooper uniforms, but when the white helmet met the purple jersey, they went off. Not only are they the most visually appealing, but TCU played their best in that combo--and in fact, outscored their opponents 179-29 while donning the armor that gives both the offense and defense superpowers.

So who scored the most on the Frogs while they wore the white and purple? Samford with 14.

Daylon Mack and Kris Boyd

Despite Mack recently listing TCU as his leader, the conventional wisdom is that it’s still a coin flip between the Longhorns and Frogs--with Texas maybe having the edge. But if TCU lands Daylon Mack, there’s a good shot a Kris Boyd too. Even if Gary just gets Mack, the idea and perception of TCU’s recruiting changes instantly--and one more thing gets crossed off the TCU football accomplishment list under Gary Patterson. And after that, not much else remains; just a National Championship and a Heisman winner.

A leader on defense

Losing Sam Carter hurts in many ways. And despite his skillset, his leadership was unparalleled. It’s going to be hard to replace that--especially when you’re losing guys like Marcus Mallett and Paul Dawson on defense too. It’s why I have to elect Chris Hackett as the next captain. The soon to be senior has three great years under his belt, and being the captain of the defense is his chance to shine a much greater scale.

An unforgiving secondary

Again losing Carter, and Kevin White is a huge blow. But Texada will be back and more experienced, Kenny Iloka will be in the mix, as will Corry O’Meally and Nick Orr. So despite the personnel losses, the talent is there and capable of being one of the most refreshing and unforgiving secondaries Gary’s ever produced.

A Ja’Juan Story and Emanuel Porter break out

First off, I’m not worried about what Josh Doctson, Kolby Listenbee, Deante’ Gray, Ty Slanina, or Cameron Echols-Luper will do next year. It’ll be great. I’m more intrigued with what the less talked about receivers; Ja’Juan Story and Emmanuel Porter will do. Because what they’re capable of is invigorating.

Hearing stories about Ja’Juan in the weight room would make anyone drool. Going purely off of that, Story has to be one of the best athletes on the team. As learned with Kolby Listenbee this year, a receiver can come seemingly out of nowhere and make an impact. Meacham and Cumbie found a place for Listenbee’s speed and athleticism; and I’m confident that they can find one for Story--assuming he puts in the work in the offseason.

Second, I’m going to say Emmanuel Porter. About Josh Docston’s size, Porter made his presence known in small pockets throughout the season. And while it came amid garbage time while up a billion points in the Tech game, Porter showed so potential and left me wanting more throughout the season. I’d love for him to fill in the David Porter role next season, before stepping in for the Listenbee and Doctson role in 2016.

Start breaking in Muehlstein and Foster

It will be the year of Trevone Boykin next year; but with that being said, 2016 could be a kick in the pants. TCU will still be good; the defense will be there, the running backs, some of the receivers. But with Arkansas slated--who will be very, very good by then--could be a shock to the system, presumably after next year goes well. Neither of them can go in their cold. Their redshirts are gone; let the competition begin in garbage time 4th quarters next year.

Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie to stay. Forever.

Pipe dream. Next.

Gameday Atmosphere.

Student section—keep it up. Lower deck alumni—step your shit up. And please keep everything else going—the music, the stadium color coordinating, etc. It all worked this year. I somehow never got tired of "We Dem Boyz" either.


I want this game to change lives. Barring complete disaster for both TCU and Baylor; it'll undoubtedly surpass the Utah attendance and be the most intense Amon Carter has ever been. Not only do I want a win. I want a Red Wedding Massacre. I want Hackett and Texada to shut down KD Cannon. I want Gary to break out the the violin and start playing "Rains of Castamere" over Art Briles. I then want Briles to admit that Tom Petty is infinitely better than Bryce Petty. I want everyone; TCU and Baylor fans alike; the entire country; to never, ever, forget this Black Friday.

The rushing attack

Here’s where it gets really hard. Assuming B.J. Catalon comes back--which there’s no real indication that he won’t be--the Frogs will be loaded at running back. Here’s what you got; Aaron Green, who emerged to superstar like proportions in and after the Kansas State game; Trevorris Johnson, the powerback who will be absolutely be deadly in red zone; Kyle Hicks, who shows glimpses of Emmitt Smith every time he refuses to be tackled; and newbie Shawn Nixon, who may have the highest ceiling of all.

I really don’t know what I want to see in particular. I just know I want to see more of it because it's the best arsenal of backs in the conference.