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Frogs A'Wards: Preliminary Fan Voting for 2014 TCU Athlete of the Year

Due to a large response during the nominating portion of the 2014 TCU Athlete of the Year award, we're going to have a preliminary vote to determine the finalists.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, I thought it would get a good response, but I didn't expect that. Props to everyone who took the time to bring up and defend an athlete for the 2014 TCU Athlete of the Year.

Because we got such a large response, I've decided that we should do a preliminary vote to determine the finalists, so, below you'll see a list of thirteen TCU athletes that have been nominated by you for the award. Due to limitations to our poll options, you can only select one athlete to nominate as a finalist, so choose wisely.

Seven football players made the list, as well as three baseball players, a basketball player, a golfer, and a swimmer.

The four players receiving the most votes will be named finalists, and will be up for the award, voted on by you, on Friday, January 9th. Between now and then the Frogs O' War staff will document the year the finalists had, shedding light on each of their incredible seasons.

Preliminary voting closes Wednesday, January 7th, at 1 p.m. Central Time.

Go Vote!