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Sonny Cumbie's getting a burger in Norman

Co-Offensive coordinator, and mentor to Trevone Boykin is interviewing for the vacant Oklahoma OC job...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

See what happens when you try to be funny on the internet? It comes back and bites you in the ass the next day. Nevertheless, it's not surprising nor a shock that Cumbie is meeting with Oklahoma. And even earlier in the week, when Bob Stoops began his firesale on offense, it was inevitable that Cumbie would interview in some capacity.

Breath easy. It's just an interview. It's just burgers.

The good news for worriers such as myself, is that Stoops is looking for someone with a little more experience than Cumbie. Not to say Cumbie isn't fantastic. Because he is--but he hasn't been calling the plays in Fort Worth. And in all likelihood, Cumbie would be offered a Co-Offensive coordinator position. Basically doing exactly what he is now. However, if he's given the reins and has full control--not unlike his fellow Raider, Kliff Kingsbury had at Texas A&M--you can't really fault him for taking that.

For now, it's just a waiting game. But whatever happens with Sonny, we'll be forever grateful.

What do y'all think? Is he being polite and just hearing what they have to say? Or is he seriously considering hitting the dusty and moving to Norman? Express cares and concerns below.