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A Cold Night in Manhattan: KSU 58, TCU 53

The Frogs hang close with the Cats all night, but cold shooting from the two lines- three and free- means that we're still hunting for our first Big 12 road win.

Some things feel inevitable.
Some things feel inevitable.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It was an ugly game, with turnovers and tight defense played by each side, but the Wildcats got just enough of a cushion late to to keep the frogs at bay.  Kyan Anderson in particular had a pretty dreadful night, not being aggressive in his drives to the basket with that temerity leading to a lot of threes that he just couldn't get to go, finishing with just 8 points on 2-8 shooting and 1-6 from deep.  On the other hand, Trey Zeigler had a great night, 7-13 shooting and 5-6 from the line, and was actually the point guard for an extended series that saw TCU cut a 10 point wildcat lead to just 4, but couldn't quite finish the run to seize the lead when the Wildcats went to zone late.  In the end what stands out in this one is the free throws, with TCU putting up a 13-23 performance from the line that was much more reminiscent of our first Big 12 season than non-conference play, and in a game like this that was so tight late a few made free throws could have made an immense difference.  Still, the defense was solid and the Frogs hung around to try and steal it late, they just couldn't get it down to the point where they could take the lead.

TCU drops to 13-2, 0-2 with Baylor heading into Funkytown on Saturday-so expect a high energy crowd for that one as TCU looks to pick up their first conference win of the season.  Hopefully we'll be able to turn things around on the cats when they come to town later as well.

Go Frogs!