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2015 Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 6

Things are getting heated at the top of the standings.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There's a new leader in the staff standings after last week. Now, can Swayze hold on to the lead with six folks just one game back? Meanwhile, Warrior has worked his way out of the cellar, and Sam is the new basement dweller (but you should check out some of her work at the Fort Worth Business Press, because it's stellar).



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Big 12

Kansas vs. No. 3 Baylor

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 70, Kansas 7 - Kansas is starting a ton of freshmen and some walk-ons. This will not be fun for them.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 61, Kansas 14 - I mean this could be 100 to whatever. But Baylor, despite what some may think, will take the foot off the gas and rest Seth Russell. I mean, why wouldn't they? Russell said he wants to score 100 at some point this season, well Seth, you can't always get what you want--and it's more likely the Bears will try to score 100 against Oklahoma, Texas, and certainly TCU than this weekend.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 77, Kansas 17 - serious question, who would you rather be this week, Charlie Strong or David Beatty?

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 73, Kansas 17- Kansas gets out to a 3-0 lead after a fumble on the opening kickoff.  This angers Art Briles.


Warrior Horned Frog: Kansas 21, Baylor 66 – After getting a taste for poultry with the Owls recently, the Bears will now feast on Jayhawks.

Rusty Frog: Baylor 83, Kansas 10 - It's going to be ugly.

Scott Boase: [Scott is at ACL this week. So we'll just assume that he picks winners. That's totally fair, right?]

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 71, Kansas 10 -  I give up.

Mason Jamboogie: Baylor 66, Kansas 17 - This isn't going to be pretty. If Briles doesn't take out the starters late in the 3rd then this game will be criminal. Can Baylor play a team with a defense already?

Simone Elices: Baylor 72, Kansas 6 - What more is there to say about this Kansas team? They have looked very bad through the first four weeks, while Baylor seems to be firing on all cylinders right now. This one shouldn’t be remotely close.

HToadSwayze: Baylor 66, Kansas 14 - It will be 75 and sunny, and Baylor isn't going to have any trouble rolling Kansas in Lawrence.

Texas vs. No. 10 Oklahoma

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 42, Texas 17 - Sure, this is a rivalry game, but after last weekend, I'm not sure Texas has any fight in them anymore. Baker Mayfield rolls as the Sooners plow Texas.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 37, Texas 31 - Texas won't win. Half of me thinks this will be a slaughter; an instance of the Sooners really kicking Texas while they're down. However, I'm leaning towards the Longhorns playing a more inspired performance that sets off spark and allows them to get 5 wins this season. Is that great? No. But it's much better than 3--where most people have them at right now. If Herbie gets his way, maybe Texas will have a street fightin' man or two in this game.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 45, Texas 13 - I know there is a certain segment of people who think Texas will rally and show up in a big way against OU this weekend. There are also people who think Waco has a Pappadeaux. Neither of them are correct.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 63, Texas 20 - Speaking of coaches that love to run it up, Stoops is one of them- especially when Texas is the opponent.  This is going to be a bloodbath.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 31, Texas 27 – It seems like every time Texas is multiple-score underdogs in this rivalry, they either win or scare the hell out of Oklahoma. The Longhorns are at their lowest point since Charlie Strong took the reins, and they’ll begin to recover somewhat with a "moral victory" type of game against the Sooners. Texas’ offense keeps the team in the game, but Oklahoma proves to be too much. After the contest, both fanbases feel like winners with Corny Dogs available in abundance at the Texas State Fair.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma 35, Texas 3 - I expect a strong (small S) performance from the Sooners’ defense, but just have to believe the offense won’t match the Frogs’ beef grilling performance. If you’d like to go, just check windshields in the lot for tickets!

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma 64, Texas 17 - I love that a year ago Charlie Strong said Texas fans would never see a 5-loss football team again.  Next time, wait until your schedule comes out, Charlie.  I'm just glad Bevo won't be making the trip.  Sooners are going to have themselves some beef for dinner.  Poor Bevo doesn't need to see that.

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 54, Texas 17 - By halftime, half the crowd has left for a somewhat more exciting excursion looking for fried Snickers. But of course Oklahoma can't do better than TCU, right? So I let the Longhorns score two touchdowns on the Sooners. And also, Texas's kicker makes it from, like, 50. Let's say that happens, too.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma 38, Texas 27 - It's the Red River Rivalry game where things can get out of hand and the results will be closer than you think. Not sure if Texas has escaped from the current soap opera  episode that started last week during half time, but if Strong has his team focused on their biggest rival, expect the Horns to put up a late fight.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 34, Texas 24 – If I’m being honest with myself, this game should be an absolute blowout, but it’s OU – Texas and anything can happen. Including my favorite fan theory I’ve heard in a long time. That is, that Bob Stoops won’t let his team run away with this one in order to keep Strong in Austin rather than him get fired and UT risk getting someone that turns the program around right away.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma 45, Texas 28 - The state of Texas football is beyond a mess right now. I wish I could believe Strong that they will get their confidence back, but I'm not betting on him this weekend.
Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 50, Iowa State 14 - Tech is through the gauntlet of their first two Big 12 games, and now they get to flex a little bit.

Marshall Weber: Texas Tech 58, Iowa State 24 - Enjoy Paul while you can. Mahomes and Tech shine in Lubbock and start to get their momentum back after playing two brutal offenses back-to-back. The Red Raiders will absolutely let it loose. 

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 68, Iowa State 20 - Texas Tech gets a bounce back win against an Iowa State that has shown flashes of offensive competence but turns it over way too much to win against superior teams.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 38, Iowa State 27- I don't think Iowa State has the weapons to keep up with an improving Tech team, but the Raiders will have to make sure that they get their heads in the game

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 48, Iowa State 27 – Texas Tech rebounds at home after two tough losses to TCU and Baylor. Patrick Mahomes carves up the Iowa State defense, en route to a 300-yard, four-touchdown day. DeAndre Washington tacks on a couple more and the Red Raiders pick up their first Big 12 win of the season.

Warrior Horned Frog: Texas Tech 55, Iowa State 21 – Liquor sales in Lubbock and Ames go through the roof – for completely different reasons. I think Tech squashes the "Puffs" harder than some people expect.

Rusty Frog: Texas Tech 44, Iowa State 31 - Tech has embarrassed themselves the past two weeks.  They'll get back on track with this game.  Mahomey will do his thing and Tech will get the W.

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 48, Iowa State 21 - Gotta love Tech's schedule. TCU next to Baylor, now Iowa State next to Kansas. The Red Raiders get a couple weeks to regain their poise and be the high-scoring machines they typically are (high scoring and "winning," I mean).

Mason Jamboogie: Texas Tech 45, Iowa State 23 - Hopefully Tech will pick up where they left off post-Arkansas victory and play with more confidence. Hopefully Patrick Mahomes will play a lot better game protecting the football. If Tech loses to the Cyclones then brace yourself for the storm of doubts that will be thrown at the Frogs.

Simone Elices: Texas Tech 42, Iowa State 17 – Texas Tech has been unfortunate to have to play TCU and Baylor in back to back weeks, but the Red Raiders should be able to come out and showcase their high powered offense in Lubbock against an Iowa State team that still doesn’t seem to be able to slow many teams down.

HToadSwayze: Texas Tech 52, Iowa State 38 - Tech is going to take their frustrations out on Iowa State this weekend in Lubbock. ISU's losses to Toledo and Iowa aren't so bad, but they also haven't beaten anyone good. Tech is a good team.

West Virginia vs. No. 21 Oklahoma State

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 35, Oklahoma State 30 - West Virginia is good at home, and I'm not sure Oklahoma State is as good as everyone wants to believe.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 35, Oklahoma State 27 - I'm not sold on Oklahoma State. I haven't been since the summer, which means since I've really started thinking hard about college football. Even a slightly torn and frayed Mountaineer squad should take care of business at home.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 38, Oklahoma State 34 - WVU did not look good in the fourth quarter in Norman last week, but because it's Homecoming, and because it's in Morgantown, I think they eke out the win this weekend. I don't know what to make of the Cowboys at this point, but they feel a lot more like last year's team that struggled prior to Bedlam than the team some picked to be a dark horse conference championship contender.

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 40, Oklahoma State 27 - OSU's  lucky run stops here as West Virginia is actually a quite good team.

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 35, Oklahoma State 28 – As TCU fans, we know all too well how hard it is to play in Morgantown. The Mountaineers will take full advantage of their home field in a close win over Oklahoma State. A week after allowing 44 points to Oklahoma, the WVU defense returns to their early season form and limits a powerful OSU offense to just four scores. Skyler Howard and Mason Rudolph trade blows for most of the contest, but the Mountaineer defense proves to be the difference in this one.

Warrior Horned Frog: West Virginia 42, Oklahoma State 28 – No way the Cowboys win in Morgantown. They also won’t be able to truck any couches back to Stillwater.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 35, West Virginia 31 - Oklahoma State pulled off the win against Kansas State (with some help from the officials).  This will be a close game, and West Virginia has the ability to pull the upset.  BUT they just lost their #1 safety in Karl Joseph to a season-ending knee injury, so I think Oklahoma State will fight through again for the victory.  And if they need help I'm sure there's an official that could use some extra lunch money.

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 38, West Virginia 28 - The score deficit isn't too close, but it isn't too far either. There aren't too many points scored, but not too few either. Goldilocks would approve of this game.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma State 30, West Virginia 28 - My first instinct was to pick the Pokes to escape from Morgantown with the W, but this is one of the toughest places to play in the Big 12, and the toughest test OSU has faced so far. West Virginia's Skyler Howard will play a better game at home, and the defense will hold off a late rally by Mason Rudolph and the Pokes. *Hopefully there will be no officiating mistakes that benefit the Pokes*

Simone Elices: West Virginia 28, Oklahoma State 24 – West Virginia will benefit greatly from getting the Cowboys in Morgantown. This will be a big test for West Virginia if they want to keep any hopes of staying near the top of the Big 12, as they have Baylor and then TCU coming up in back-to-back weeks.

HToadSwayze: West Virginia 42, Oklahoma State 34 -  WVU disappointed me last weekend, but winning in Norman is tough, even for good teams. OSU on the other hand has not really been impressive at all this year, needing help from the refs to beat average teams the last two weeks.

No. 2 TCU @ Kansas State

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 56, Kansas State 20 - I know that Kansas State folks over at BOTC thought I was a little too confident with this pick, but I'm sticking with it. Frogs roll in Manhattan.

Marshall Weber: TCU 45, Kansas State 24 - I understand the contrarian argument. I love Bill Snyder because he looks like a friendly dentist. And while I understand that TCU didn't look great the first few weeks, I think the shoddiness on defense--while it still has a lot to improve on--is pretty much over. Sure, the Horned Frogs haven't seen a defensive unit as good as the Wildcats, but as long as they play smart and don't get called on false starts, and penalties of that nature, they'll cruise on offense; which will eventually take pressure off of the defense that may struggle early against a running quarterback and some sporadic big plays.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 45, Kansas State 30 - I think the Frogs get some pieces back this week that make a difference - hopefully including WR Kolby Listenbee. TCU is playing inspired football on both sides of the ball right now, and while KSU on the road is no picnic, I just don't think the Cats can score enough to hold on for four quarters. The biggest advantage TCU has might be that Cook played last week, and thus GP will have game film on him to help his ever improving defense prepare for the shifty former wide receiver with the big arm.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 43, Kansas State 23 - Playing on the road hasn't been kind to the TCU offense most of the time, but things are different this week as KSU's offensive miscues will give the Frogs several short fields to capitalize on.  

Andrew Felts: TCU 44, Kansas State 28 – Kansas State’s success will depend on how well Joe Hubener returns to the offense after missing last week’s loss at Oklahoma State with an injury. If Hubener is back to 100%, he could find a handful of scoring opportunities against a TCU defense that is beginning to hit its stride. On the other side of the ball, TCU’s offense is just too good for KSU’s defense to handle. Trevone Boykin has another impressive day, racking up another 350 yards of total offense and four touchdowns. The Frogs leave Manhattan and improve to 6-0 with a convincing win.

Warrior Horned Frog: TCU 42, Kansas State 21 – Yes, we’re playing in the Little Apple, but there will be no wizardry against our offense, and our defense if even just a little better than last week, will be formidable. If they’re a lot better, as my Wildcat friend requested, "please have mercy."

Rusty Frog: TCU 42, Kansas State 35 - Kansas State's offense is hurting and our defense is regaining some key players.  Kansas State will hold their own in the first half, but they'll be exhausted by the second half and unable to keep up with the Horned Frogs.

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 42, Kansas State 34 - So if quarterback Joe Hubener's health is in question, rumor has it Bill Snyder will throw in a lineman to take his place. Now that's a sight I'd like to see. Anyway, TCU wins.

Mason Jamboogie: TCU 48, Kansas State 24 - The Big 12 team with the most injuries on defense vs. the Big 12 team with the most injuries on offense. Trevone Boykin and the offense will be too much for Bill Snyder's defense and the Frogs on defense get to have their way with whoever is playing under center for Kansas State these days. Although if the rumors about a 300+ pound lineman playing, don't expect many sacks. Hopefully Boykin will play well on the road again like he did in Lubbock.

Simone Elices: TCU 48, Kansas State 17 – TCU, and especially their defense, will be looking to build on their solid performance last week against Texas, whereas Kansas State will be trying to forget their heartbreak loss last week at Oklahoma State. Time to see if Boykin, Doctson, Green, and co. can keep riding this hot streak.

HToadSwayze: TCU 42, Kansas State 31 - it's not easy to win under the lights in Manhattan. As good as TCU's defense looked against Texas, they still missed a lot of tackles. KSU will hang around in this one, but the Frogs offense is just too much for them.

Around the Country

Michigan vs. Northwestern

Jamie Plunkett: Northwestern 31, Michigan 27

Marshall Weber: Michigan 28, Northwestern 25

Melissa Triebwasser: Northwestern 24, Michigan 21

Hawkeyed Frog: Michigan 13, Northwestern 9

Andrew Felts: Michigan 17, Northwestern 10

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan 42, Northwestern 35

Rusty Frog: Michigan 34, Northwestern 31

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan 32, Northwestern 28

Mason Jamboogie: Michigan 24, Northwestern 13

Simone Elices: Michigan 24, Northwestern 21

HToadSwayze: Michigan 21, Northwestern 17

Notre Dame vs. Navy

Jamie Plunkett: Notre Dame 30, Navy 24

Marshall Weber: Notre Dame 35, Navy 14

Melissa Triebwasser: Notre Dame 41, Navy 14

Hawkeyed Frog: Notre Dame 38, Navy 21

Andrew Felts: Notre Dame 35, Navy 24

Warrior Horned Frog: Notre Dame 35, Navy 14

Rusty Frog: Notre Dame 31, Navy 28

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Notre Dame 35, Navy 30

Mason Jamboogie: Notre Dame 31, Navy 24

Simone Elices: Notre Dame 35, Navy 31

HToadSwayze: Notre Dame 35, Navy 24

Utah vs. California

Jamie Plunkett: Utah 45, California 35

Marshall Weber: Utah 51, California 48

Melissa Triebwasser: Utah 38, California 34

Hawkeyed Frog: Utah 40, California 31

Andrew Felts: Utah 35, California 28

Warrior Horned Frog: Utah 42, California 28

Rusty Frog: Utah 38, Cal 31

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Utah 42, California 38

Mason Jamboogie: Utah 42, California 33

Simone Elices: Utah 42, California 31

HToadSwayze: Utah 48, California 45

Florida State vs. Miami

Jamie Plunkett: Florida State 35, Miami 20

Marshall Weber: Florida State 42, Miami 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Florida State 31, Miami 27

Hawkeyed Frog: Florida State 17, Miami 7

Andrew Felts: Florida State 31, Miami 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Miami 24, Florida State 21

Rusty Frog: Florida State 45, Miami 38

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Florida State 30, Miami 20

Mason Jamboogie: Miami 27, Florida State 24

Simone Elices: Florida State 27, Miami 21

HToadSwayze: Florida State 24, Miami 17

Missouri vs. Florida

Jamie Plunkett: Florida 35, Missouri 10

Marshall Weber: Florida 30, Missouri 27

Melissa Triebwasser: Florida 45, Missouri 35

Hawkeyed Frog: Florida 23, Missouri 14

Andrew Felts: Florida 21, Missouri 17

Warrior Horned Frog: Florida 35, Missouri 28

Rusty Frog: Florida 31, Missouri 24

Scott Boase:

Samantha Calimbahin: Florida 38, Missouri 17

Mason Jamboogie: Florida 34, Missouri 9

Simone Elices: Florida 17, Missouri 14

HToadSwayze: Missouri 28, Florida 24