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MMQB: Frogs Find A Way

It wasn't pretty, but hey, TCU is 6-0.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty, but then again, did it need to be? The Frogs are 6-0, and despite falling in the rankings once again after a win, the dream is still in tact.

The Good

This could start and stop with Trevone Boykin. I mean, come on:

But hey guess what. It doesn't:

Boykin's 301 passing yards were enough to keep him at fourth in the nation with 2,103, and he's second in the nation with 21 passing touchdowns. If we want to talk about pace, just double those numbers. 4,206 yards and 42 touchdowns. Not to mention the 366 rushing yards and four touchdowns, which puts him on pace for 732 yards and eight touchdowns. Essentially, Boykin is playing at a pace that will get him close to a 5,000 total yard season. He also sits at 11,316 total yards for his career, 609 yards shy of Andy Dalton's TCU record 11,925.

Meanwhile, Josh Doctson now has 50 receptions, 877 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns on the season. To put this into perspective, if the season ended today Doctson's stat line would be good for 6th all-time on TCU's single season receiving yards rankings, and tied for second all-time on TCU's single season receiving touchdown rankings. To go even further, he's just 11 yards shy of breaking Mike Renfro's career receiving yards record (2,739).

We should also give props here to Montrel Wilson, who, despite being out of position on several Joe Hubener runs, got home on a delayed blitz at the end of the game, forcing Hubener to fumble the ball which Davion Pierson recovered.

The Bad

Five pass interference penalties called against TCU's secondary is probably why Kansas State continued to throw the ball long past when it was reasonable to keep doing so. Think. What if this had been Oklahoma or Baylor? Actually, don't think.

The second quarter saw Kansas State outscore TCU 28-3. It seemed as bad as it was, with Boykin getting hit as he threw, resulting in an interception, a 13-yard punt courtesy of Ethan Perry, and an inability to stop Joe Hubener from doing whatever he wanted.

The Next Opponent: Iowa State

Iowa State lost to Texas Tech on Saturday 66-31. They're 2-3 on the season, with their only two wins coming against Northern Iowa and Kansas (surprisingly, their win over the Jayhawks did not boost them much in the polls).

They've suffered losses at the hands of Iowa, Toledo, and Tech, allowing an average of 42.33 points to opponents in those games. This game should not be a problem for the Frogs, but, who knows.

That Cyclones team would finish the season 6-7.