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TCU News: Include Doctson in your Heisman Trophy talks

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Patterson: Put this TCU WR with Heisman candidates Boykin, Fournette | FOX Sports

We've been saying it for a while, Josh Doctson's name should come up when the Heisman is talked about.

"I'd have to say there's not many people playing much better, if there is anybody," Patterson said of Boykin and Doctson during his weekly press conference. "Obviously the running back at LSU is an unbelievable talent. Both of those two guys [Boykin and Doctson]; and understand that they've done it in some pressure-type situations, not that he [Fournette] hasn't because he's really a good player."

No. 3 TCU On The Road Again At Iowa State | CBS DFW

Paul Rhoads isn't beating around the bush when he talks about Trevone Boykin.

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads didn’t sugarcoat the challenge TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin presents to his suddenly beleaguered defense. Rhoads opened his weekly press conference by throwing bouquets Boykin’s way, saying that the senior “could be people’s tailback. He could be a starting wide receiver, and certainly is a Heisman Trophy-worthy quarterback.”

TCU predictions: WR Josh Doctson continues torrid pace at Iowa State | Dallas Morning News

It's a nightmare matchup for the Cyclones.

Iowa State can say it has played an offense as potent as TCU's, but Doctson is unlike any receiver to have lined up against the Cyclones' defensive backs so far. There is little -- or nothing, really -- to suggest Iowa State can slow him down.

TCU's Green making memorable plays this season | Fort Worth Star Telegram

This is the mentality of a guy who has big goals.

“Every time I step on the field, there’s someone in the stands that’s never heard of Aaron Green, someone that probably will never see me play again,” the TCU running back said. “I want them to know who I am before I leave.”

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College Confidential: Another white-knuckler in store for TCU? | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Jimmy Burch thinks so.

Absolutely. TCU’s defense has had enough personnel turnover, through injuries and attrition, that any road game against a capable offense should get fans’ attention. Iowa State’s offense, averaging 421.6 yards per game, is capable and balanced.

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TCU should be leery of Iowa State, especially in Ames | ESPN

Patterson isn't overlooking the Cyclones.

"This will be a tough ballgame," TCU coach Gary Patterson said. "They've got big wide receivers, we're not as big in the secondary so you have a couple mismatches for us. They run a similar type of offense that K-State does in the run game. They're a bend-but-don't-break defense and they get a chance to play this offense two weeks in a row, they played Texas Tech and now they play us. The difference is they're playing at home. If you put all those variables into it, I'd say you're looking at a pretty good ballgame again."

Men's Basketball

TCU ties for eighth, it's top spot in preseason Big 12 hoops poll | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Kansas State was No. 1, with Iowa State at No. 2.

TCU basketball debuted in its highest position in the preseason Big 12 poll, tying for eighth with Kansas State.

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