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What's the Best Consolation Prize if TCU Doesn't Go Undefeated?

It's nice to be 7-0, but if the second number is anything but "0," perhaps these other options will make everyone feel better.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Being 7-0 can be a sticky feeling. It's great to be undefeated, of course. But considering close wins, defensive woes and injury troubles, plus the fact that Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Baylor are still out there waiting menacingly in the distance, it's natural for one to exercise caution in the midst of celebration. It's almost like TCU is standing on top of a glass tower -- tall, beautiful and gleaming -- but one wrong move can send everything crashing to the ground.

So let's just say the bad dream comes true -- TCU doesn't go undefeated. Perhaps these four things can bring consolation:

1. TCU plays 'Bama in the bowl game.

Remember all those "We want 'Bama!" chants at the Peach Bowl last season? Well, why not give the people what they want? Seeing a little school like TCU paired against SEC behemoth Alabama will be a statement in and of itself, not just for the Frogs, but for the Big 12 in general. And if TCU wins the game, whether it be in the playoff or not, TCU's reputation will shoot up big time. Brace yourselves, TCU Admissions Office.

2. Boykin wins the Heisman.

TCU has only had one Heisman winner in school history: Davey O'Brien in 1938. If Trevone Boykin were to become the second, the honor would truly be monumental. At least as of now, Boykin has shown that he's deserving. We can certainly quote stats: he's racked up 2,539 yards and 25 touchdowns with a 66.4 percent completion rate. Of course, there's still more season left to go. But there's no question Boykin is talented, consistent and all class.

3. TCU beats Baylor.

I think it's safe to say that Frog fans will be happy even if this were the only game TCU won all year. And on the flipside, if TCU wins every game but this one, the aftermath would be inexplicably disastrous. So if TCU were to lose to, say, Oklahoma, but beat Baylor and avenge the infamous 61-58 that has been etched into college football history, I'm pretty sure Frog fans can find solace in the fact that the most important game of the regular season had been won.

4. Baylor also doesn't go undefeated.

Yeah yeah, admit it. The worst that could happen is TCU going 11-1 and dropping out of the college football playoff while Baylor comes out on top and wins everything and rubs it in our faces. But if Baylor happened to drop out as well, much like last year, the Frogs and Bears can sit on the curb and whine about it together. Maybe the two will actually get along...nah. Rivalries are more fun than friendships.

So if any of the above were to happen, would it be sufficient enough to make you happy? Vote in our poll below and let us know!