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Meet the CFB Guys

Five years ago, a group of friends decided going to college football games was a good way to spend a Saturday, whether or not they were affiliated with the school. Today, the guys share their love of football with fellow fans all across the USA. The CFB Guys will be in Fort Worth Thursday night to experience their first Big XII venue, so we talked to them ahead of their first trip to the metroplex.

We all love college football, but some of us love it… just a little bit more. One such group of people are The CFB Guys, a group of friends and football aficionados who spend their fall traveling the country in search of the best teams - and the best scenes - surrounding the greatest spectacle in sports. We sat down with the guys ahead of their trip to Funky Town to see TCU take on the West Virginia Mountaineers on a Thursday under the lights.

Welcome guys, thanks for stopping by the blog. So, first and foremost, I have to know, who came up with the idea to do this, and how much talking into was involved?

Well Kyle and I (Jeremy) started going to a game or two each year about five years ago. We started to realize how special these trips were when we would get home and have endless stories for our friends. Our memories almost never had anything to do with the game. The people we meet make these trip unforgettable. Before last season we had the idea to document our trips and that is basically how The CFB Guys were born.

So basically, you have spent the last 5 years or so traveling the country looking for ‘a team to call your own’. What are you looking for in a school/program to win you over?

The number one thing we look for is people. As I said before, we LOVE connecting with people and hearing their stories. We love College Football almost more than anything and it has been fascinating to us just how much deeper the game goes than just the field.

What has been your favorite venue to experience and what made it so special?

The favorite venue question comes up a lot and it is a tough one. We feel like each time we go somewhere new that it outdoes the last place. Every place has been so kind and welcoming to us. So if we go off of that standard then we would have to go with Ole Miss. We had such a great time there and met some people who will be our friends for life. TCU has some big shoes to fill!

You will be heading to Fort Worth at the end of the month… is this your first visit to the Metroplex? Anything in particular you are excited about? Anything that made TCU standout as a destination you had to see this season?

It is our first trip to this area. We are super excited. We have connected with a lot of people on Twitter and honestly we are relying on them to help us out with specific things that we need to do (give us a shout if you have an idea!!!) TCU has been on our radar for a while. We love the program and can’t wait to see it up close. This will be our first trip venturing outside of the SEC or PAC12 as TheCFBguys, so it’s let’s see what the BIG12 has to offer!

What are your plans for game day? Being a weeknight, the scene will be quite a bit different than the average tailgate scene, but it should still be a great atmosphere. Do you normally get insider access from the schools, or will you be men of the people?

Honestly we don’t have an exact itinerary yet. We are putting that together and hopefully we will have some things locked down soon. As far as, "Insider" access. It just depends. We are pretty low key so we don’t need much, but it always helps when we can get a campus tour and get a close look at the football facilities. We do however want to be "Men of the People." We find it’s best if we can experience game day like a true fan does.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the guys in Fort Worth on Thursday night and show them what makes TCU Football, and its fans, so great! If you have suggestions for the best tailgates, your favorite restaurant, or the must see spots in Fort Worth, leave them in the comments where the guys will be stopping by to interact ahead of their visit.

Follow them on twitter @TheCFBguys