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2015 Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 8

Will there be one true leader after this week's picks?

It's a tight race as we reach Week 8 of staff picks, and there is quite a bit of disagreement between your favorite writers this week as to who will come away victorious.

With three-way ties locking up the top and bottom of the standings, don't be surprised to see someone break away from the pack this week.

(SIDENOTE: We should all be thankful that Felts got his picks in, as he did so after the Royals clinched the AL pennant)

Here are the standings heading into the weekend:



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Andrew Felts






Mason Jamboogie


















Marshall Weber






Melissa Triebwasser






Jamie Plunkett






Simone Elices






Hawkeyed Frog






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Scott Boase





Big 12

No. 2 Baylor (6-0) vs. Iowa State (2-4)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 63, Iowa State 35 - Iowa State has something in their two wide receivers, Quenton Bundrage and Allen Lazard, but they won't be able to keep up with Baylor.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 70 vs. Iowa State 24 - We still have a few weeks before we get to see how great Baylor can really be. Corey Coleman is great, Seth Russell is close to great. Beating West Virginia at home is impressive, but it would've been more impressive a month ago; not to mention it was at home, early. They smoked Tech, but they smoked them on a neutral field the week after Tech was physically and mentally drained from a four-hour epic in Lubbock against the Frogs the week before. Baylor is doing incredible things, and it's encouraging the two best offenses in not only the Big 12, not the entire country will play each other on Black Friday.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 70, Iowa State 17 - Iowa State's defense is... not... a thing. The Bears will run up and down, throw short and long, and basically have their way with a team that was outscored 31-0 by TCU after the first quarter. Hide your children, football fans, this will get ugly, fast.

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 47, Iowa State 35 - Iowa State gets off to a strong start, answering an opening drive Baylor touchdown and taking the lead on a pick the next series.  The Bears struggle through the first half, but eventually look to Coleman exclusively to put them back over the top.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 56, Iowa State 17 - Seth Russell and Corey Coleman lead the way in a blowout win over the Cyclones. The only thing that might make this game remotely interesting is the rain that is in the forecast for the greater Waco area.

Warrior Horned Frog: Baylor 56, Iowa State 17 - As much as I'd love to see something whacky happen in Waco, I don't anticipate any "cyclone watches" in the weather forecast. Meanwhile back in Iowa, liquor sales again set new records for the week.

Rusty Frog: Baylor 62, Iowa State 28 - Iowa State starts out strong in the first half. The Bears get angry and Art Briles threatens to leave them in Iowa if they don’t win. The Bears pull through in the second half.

Scott Boase: Baylor 63, Iowa State 17 - This one won't be close. It's Baylor at home against probably the second-worst team in the Big 12, a week after playing TCU.

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 55, Iowa State 14 - Typical Baylor. Big blowout win. Total domination. Yeah.

Mason Jamboogie: Baylor 69, Iowa State 14 - Baylor hosts the second worst team in the conference as Da Bears annihilate the cyclones, because every team that plays TCU the previous week likes to implode in the next game that they play. Coleman gets probably around 5 touchdown receptions because Art Briles doesn't want Josh Doctson to look like the best receiver in the conference, on paper.

Simone Elices: Baylor 66, Iowa State 10 - Baylor’s offense looks unstoppable right now, while Iowa State might have used up all of their points for the rest of the season last week against TCU.

HToadSwayze: Baylor 70, Iowa State 28 - Watching Baylor football against these weak opponents is like watching Tong Po when he's not fighting Van Damme or Ivan Drago when he's not fighting Rocky. Asked after the game about running up the score, Art Briles replies: "If he dies, he dies."

Texas (2-4) vs. Kansas State (3-3)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 28, Kansas State 20 - Kansas State had their hearts broken against TCU, and then Oklahoma took that broken heart, ripped it out of their chest, stomped on it, punched them in the face, and then took their lunch money. Those two demoralizing losses have taken away the will of this Wildcats team, I think, while Texas is ready to get back to work after a bye week to celebrate their Red River Rivalry win.

Marshall Weber: Texas 27 vs. Kansas State 24 - This is probably the hardest game we've picked all year. It could go either way. It'll be rainy and gross in Austin. F1 is in town, it's an early game; I just don't think the crowd will be into it. My head tells me, and that's that the Longhorns have the edge in the matchup; my heart tells me that Kansas State is going to continue to get the best of Texas. I'll stick with my head and give the Horns the edge at home.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 31, Kansas State 17 -  I can't help but feel partially responsible for breaking Kansas State, because it's clear that having their guys ripped out and stomped on by Trevone Boykin has had a lasting impact on their season, and the Cats have a suddenly uphill battle to bowl eligibility - while the Horns season has bowl possibilities.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas State 32, Texas 24 - I honestly have no idea what to make of either of these teams.  I'm giving it to K-state because they historically own Texas under Snyder.

Andrew Felts: Texas 38, Kansas State 10 - I have a hard time seeing the Wildcats rebound from the mental defeat they suffered after back-to-back one-possession losses to Oklahoma State and TCU, followed by their blowout loss to Oklahoma. With games against Iowa State and Kansas looming for Texas, the Longhorns could position themselves nicely for a bowl appearance that seemed unlikely two weeks ago. Also, my K-State alum dad and I will be at the game, so that's fun.

Warrior Horned Frog: Texas 28, Kansas State 24 - If Charlie Strong was going to see the Wizard, I think he'd end up saying, "Please, I just want to go home." But since he is home, he may find courage and heart. And his little dog too.

Rusty Frog: Kansas State 31, Texas 24 – Kansas State finally gets another win for Snyder. Texas can't contain their offense and keeps it close until the 3rd quarter, when the Cats pull away for the win.

Scott Boase: Kansas State 27, Texas 24 - This is a tough game to pick, but I'm going with the Wildcats to bounce back and hopefully stuff Texas' running game more than the other way around.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas State 34, Texas 31 - So apparently Kansas State's ridiculously kind and gracious coach wrote a letter to fans apologizing for the shutout loss against Oklahoma last week. In response to Bill Snyder's love and encouragement, K-State players do what they can to squeeze out a win against Texas.  I'm sure Texas still feels good about itself from beating Oklahoma, so they'll carry those happy feelings and a week's worth of rest against K-State. But K-State will win by, like, a field goal or something. Yeah.

Mason Jamboogie: Texas 34, Kansas State 20 - The past 2 weeks for Texas have included a huge moral boost after toppling arch rival Oklahoma followed by an extra week to rest and prepare for the next game. The past 2 weeks have gone a little different for Kansas State. The Wildcats had their hearts ripped out by the Frogs in what was a near upset, and then said heart was thrown on the floor and trampled over by Oklahoma the following week. The momentum in this one is all on the Horns' side and it helps them win this one at home against the Wizard.

Simone Elices: Kansas State 35, Texas 24 - After that horrible showing last week against OU, I fully expect to see the Kansas State team that took TCU down to the wire.

HToadSwayze: Texas 28, Kansas State 26 - we are now in the part of the Big XII schedule when the games get real hard to pick. I'm going with the talented Texas defense performing just well enough at home. K-State goes for two in the final minutes but doesn't get it.

No. 17 Oklahoma (5-1) vs. Texas Tech (5-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 42 - I do not know what to expect from Oklahoma week-to-week, but against a sub-par defense I think they'll be okay. If this game was in Lubbock, I'd take the Raiders, but alas, it is not.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 44 vs. Texas Tech 41 - If you're a betting person, I'd take the over and Tech. The Red Raiders are going to play a spirited game in Norman, but Baker Mayfield and Sterling Shepherd continue to rebound nicely since being upset by Texas two weeks ago in Dallas. 

Melissa Triebwasser:Oklahoma 52, Texas Tech 37 - I think Tech can put points on the Sooners, but I don't think the Raider defense can keep the Sooners from putting up more points than them. Baker Mayfield and the running game has OU rolling; and that should continue for the next couple weeks at least.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 37 - In Lubbock I'd pick the Raiders, but Oklahoma controls this one from the outset, a late garbage score by Tech making it look closer than it was.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 35, Texas Tech 23 - Oklahoma rides the momentum from their 55-0 win over Kansas State a week ago and jumps all over Texas Tech early. After holding off a late Tech comeback, Bob Stoops and the Sooners improve to 6-1 on the year and celebrate another year of bowl eligibility.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma 35, Texas Tech 21 - Okay, just put those guns back in their holsters.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 35 – OU is still pissed off from the Red River No-Show, so they'll take it out on Texas Tech. I'm rooting for Tech here, just to kill that Sooner fire before we play them in a few weeks. But I have a feeling OU will burn right through them.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 42, Texas Tech 35 - Really looking forward to this game this weekend, I'm excited to see how OU's defense does against Tech's high-flying offense mostly. Either way I think OU eventually beats out Tech, but not by much.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 41 - Offense! Yeah!

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma 48, Texas Tech 30 - This game would've had a good chance to be a much closer game if it were in Lubbock,  but it's in the land of Bobby Stoops. Tech won't be able to stop the Sooners' offense and I sense a big game coming for OU's ground game. Oklahoma takes an early lead thanks to turnover, but Tech tries to claw its way back in the second half, only to have their hopes dashed by a BACK BREAKING PICK.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 42 - Oklahoma seems to have righted their ship after their horrible loss to Texas and will face a Texas Tech team that is third in the nation in scoring, only behind the two teams that have beat them this year, TCU and Baylor.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 42 - Texas Tech is one of the few teams to have beaten OU in Norman over the last decade. This year they make it really close, but OU edges them out by a field goal. 

No. 14 Oklahoma State (6-0) vs. Kansas (0-6)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 42, Kansas 24 - Kansas had a shot to beat Texas Tech late last week, and they blew it in the most Kansas of fashions, after Tech tried their damndest to keep the Jayhawks alive. Oklahoma State will probably play with their food before they eat it this week, too.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 42 vs. Kansas 17 - I'll still have no idea how good Oklahoma State is after this weekend. Their defense looks fantastic, and Rudolph is doing everything he needs to do for the Cowboys to win. Not that it matters because I don't really watch it anymore anyway, but Oklahoma State vs. TCU could be College Game Day.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 37, Kansas 17 - Kansas looked almost competent last week - until they had a chance to finish the job and come up with a win. They won't have that chance this week, as the Pokes will remain undefeated and the most confusing unbeaten team in the conference.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 30, Kansas 27 - OSU continues their fortuitous run with... let's say, a blocked extra point returned for a safety.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 48, Kansas 10 - This is one of the 12 games that Kansas will lose this season.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma State 49, Kansas 14 - Kansas begins inquires to the Big 12… "Are you sure we can't play ourselves? It doesn't seem fair!"

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 37, Kansas 14 – OSU will run right over the Jayhawks.  Kudos to the birds, though, for an awesome battle against Tech last week. It would've been a wicked upset.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 34, Kansas 9 - OSU will finally get their offense moving a bit against a lowly Kansas team, and their defense will stifle the Jayhawks for the entirety of this game.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 50, Kansas 10 - Another inevitable struggle for Kansas, who may very well be 0-7 at the end of this. That's just the way it goes. Yeah.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 13 - If it is Kansas going up against a power 5 team, pick against Kansas. If it is Kansas on the road against a power 5 team, take how much you think Kansas will lose by and then multiply it by 1.5.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 48, Kansas 7 - Could very easily be another rough week for Kansas, or they could build off their performance last week against Texas Tech. I’m going with the former though.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma State 56, Kansas 14 - Nice. An easy one to pick. The Cardiac Cowboys finally win a Big XII game that isn't insanely close.

Around the Country

No. 24 Ole Miss (5-2) vs. No. 15  Texas A&M (5-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas A&M 37, Ole Miss 35

Marshall Weber: Ole Miss 28, Texas A&M 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Ole Miss 31, Texas A&M 28

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas A&M 40, Ole Miss 23

Andrew Felts: Ole Miss 31, Texas A&M 23

Warrior Horned Frog: Ole Miss 38, Texas A&M 35

Rusty Frog: Ole Miss 40, Texas A&M 34

Scott Boase: Ole Miss 38, A&M 27

Samantha Calimbahin: Ole Miss 30, Texas A&M 24

Mason Jamboogie: Texas A&M 33, Ole Miss 31 - THE FUENTE EFFECT CONTINUES.

Simone Elices: Texas A&M 48, Ole Miss 35

HToadSwayze: Texas A&M 38, Ole Miss 35

Miami (4-2) vs. No. 6 Clemson (6-0)

Jamie Plunkett: Clemson 35, Miami 20

Marshall Weber: Clemson 31, Miami 28

Melissa Triebwasser: Clemson 45, Miami 27

Hawkeyed Frog: Clemson 38, Miami 13

Andrew Felts: Clemson 35, Miami 31

Warrior Horned Frog: Clemson 35, Miami 28

Rusty Frog: Clemson 31, Miami 24

Scott Boase: Clemson 56, Miami 24

Samantha Calimbahin: Clemson 38, Miami 28

Mason Jamboogie: Clemson 38, Miami 31

Simone Elices: Clemson 35, Miami 21

HToadSwayze: Clemson 28, Miami 21

Arizona (5-2) vs. Washington State (4-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Washington State 42, Arizona 38

Marshall Weber: Washington State 49, Arizona 45

Melissa Triebwasser: Arizona 48, Washington State 37

Hawkeyed Frog: Arizona 47, Washington State 35

Andrew Felts: Arizona 30, Washington State 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Washington State 42, Arizona 38

Rusty Frog: Arizona 41, Washington State 31

Scott Boase: Arizona 27, Washington State 24

Samantha Calimbahin: Arizona 38, Washington State 30

Mason Jamboogie: Arizona 40, Washington State 31

Simone Elices: Arizona 45, Washington State 42

HToadSwayze: Washington State 34, Arizona 31 VIVA LA MIKE LEACH!

USC (3-3) vs. No. 3 Utah (6-0)

Jamie Plunkett: Utah 31, USC 17

Marshall Weber: Utah 45, USC 42

Melissa Triebwasser: Utah 31, USC 24

Hawkeyed Frog: Utah 40, USC 20

Andrew Felts: Utah 31, USC 20

Warrior Horned Frog: Utah 42, USC  35

Rusty Frog: Utah 35, USC 34

Scott Boase: USC 38, Utah 34

Samantha Calimbahin: Utah 38, USC 27

Mason Jamboogie: USC 34, Utah 27

Simone Elices: Utah 31, USC 28

HToadSwayze: Utah 27, USC 21

Rutgers (3-3) vs. No. 1 Ohio State (7-0)

Jamie Plunkett: Ohio State 35, Rutgers 21

Marshall Weber: Ohio State 45, Rutgers 14

Melissa Triebwasser: Ohio State 42, Rutgers 28

Hawkeyed Frog: Ohio State 56, Rutgers 13

Andrew Felts: Ohio State 28, Rutgers 10

Warrior Horned Frog: Rutgers 42, Ohio State 38

Rusty Frog: Ohio State 37, Rutgers 21

Scott Boase: Ohio State 35, Rutgers 10

Samantha Calimbahin: Ohio State 38, Rutgers 17

Mason Jamboogie: Ohio State 45, Rutgers 13

Simone Elices: Ohio State 42, Rutgers 17

HToadSwayze: Ohio State 38, Rutgers 21