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Weekend Warzone: Big 12 Roundup Week 8

The Frogs and their next opponent took a week off, but the rest of the Big 12 had an interesting week, where even a few winning teams came out on the losing end in the grand scheme.

Trey Fallon

Baylor Bears 45, Iowa State Cyclones 27

This game went about the opposite of what I expected, as Baylor got off to a fast start, leaving the Cyclones in the dust as they racked up the first 35 points of the game and seemed in full control of the game.  Then this happened.  It didn't seem as though anything was initially wrong with Baylor QB Seth Russell after this play, as he continued to play even into the fourth quarter, but something was clearly off- and after the Cyclones made a change at QB and racked up 20 straight points to suddenly put themselves right back in the game.  The Bears would answer with a field goal, and then an Iowa State fumble put the game away for good, but Iowa State came on strong in the end and gave the Bears more of a game than anyone expected.  The real bad news for the Bears came after the final whistle, though, as it was revealed that QB Seth Russell actually fractured a bone in his neck in the above play and, though no information has been forthcoming, it seems quite likely that it will be a season ending injury for him.  Stepping into his shoes will be true Freshman Jarrett Stidham, who has thrown just 28 passes in his short career- they were good passes, mind you, but the lack of experience may disrupt Baylor's heavily timing based passing attack.  Meanwhile, Iowa State looks like they're in better hands as they moved of from QB Sam Richardson, who seemingly has played for Iowa State forever, to Joel Lanning who put together a very respectable 12/17 for three touchdowns performance in relief.  
Staff picks: Everyone picked the Bears of course, but who in their right mind would have thought this game would've been anything but a beatdown?  Why... your loyal roundupper, of course!  A rare win for Hawk in the margin guessing contest.
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Texas Longhorns 23, Kansas State Wildcats 9

Yep, I have no idea what to make of either of these teams.  First Texas came out looking like the team that beat Oklahoma, holding K-State to two three and outs in their first three possessions, while scoring two touchdowns and a field goal of their own- then collected an onside kick as well.  Then... things kind of fell off.  The Horns possession off of the onside kick did nothing, and K-State answered with a touchdown.  It looked like momentum was swinging the other way at the half, and that an exciting conclusion was in the offing!  It... didn't quite work out like that.  Instead, offensive ineptitude reigned in the second half, with both teams going three and out, a sign of things to come.  Here's the full second half drive information:
Texas: 3 plays, punt
KSU: 3 plays, punt
Texas: 4 plays, punt
KSU: 9 plays, Field Goal (woo!)
Texas: 4 plays, punt
KSU: 3 plays, punt
Texas: 8 plays, punt
KSU: 7 plays, punt
Texas: 3 plays, punt
KSU: 6 plays, punt
Texas: 3 plays, punt
KSU: 4 plays, interception
Texas: 3 plays, touchdown
KSU: 7 plays, turnover on downs
I feel legitimate pain for anyone who had to watch that second half.  Thirteen possessions, ten punts- six of which were three and outs.  That's what I would expect watching the 2013 TCU offense play the 2013TCU defense.  Still, Texas comes out with the win and a very plausible path to bowl eligibility- something that might have seemed impossible after their 1-4 start and 50-7 shellacking at the hands of the Frogs.  Meanwhile, Kansas State... is a weird, weird team- but they're a weird team that will get the first shot at new Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham after the bye.  Who knows, man.
Staff picks: Jamie, Marshall, Melissa, Andrew, Warrior, Mason and Swayze were on the right side of this one, with Mason picking the perfect 14 point margin of victory- very impressive.
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Oklahoma Sooners 63, Texas Tech Red Raiders 27

They're doing it again.  After a loss, Oklahoma is back on the warpath, set out to prove to the nation that they were simply the victim of a fluke, that it will never happen again, that this really is a good football team.  And, for now at least, they are.  OU rediscovered its running game, which has been dormant far too often this season, in a big way in this one- with Samaje Perine rumbling for over 200 yards and four touchdowns on the ground as part of a 400 yard total rushing performance for the Sooners that absolutely trampled the undersized Tech defense.  Meanwhile, Tech's offense continue their struggle away from the safe confines of Lubbock, with Patrick Mahomes having his worst game as Tech's quarterback, throwing 4 interceptions and less than 200 yards- a combination that isn't going to win any football games.  To further contrast OU's performance with the fairly trashy perfomance in the last game we talked about- OU punted on its first possession of the game and then never again on their remaining 13 possessions.  Is Oklahoma actually that good, or are they the team that an average Texas team handled in Dallas?  We have a few weeks before we find out, but be wary of believing in the Sooners, no matter how good they may look now.
Staff Picks: We're unanimous in being correct, but Mason is again the closest to the margin of victory!  Very impressive run.
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Oklahoma State Cowboys 58, Kansas Jayhawks 10

First of all, our condolences to all those who lost their lives or were injured in the OSU parade.  Kansas attempted to play football away from Lawrence, Kansas.  It did not go well, as the Jayhawks managed barely over 200 yards of total offense and only got on the board after the Cowboys had already taken a 28 point lead.  It got so bad that the Cowboys actually got their third string QB some snaps as well, just in case they ever need to go the way of that other OSU last year.  I don't know what to make of this one except KU is a bad team that is truly awful when they hit the road.  I think that they're a very solid bet to finish winless, while OSU continues its lucky ways for at least one more week.  The Cowboys are going to have to produce next week, as they'll be hitting the road to Lubbock for a very interesting game (and their second real test of the season).  Strange things happen in Lubbock, but the strangest would be if OSU comes out of that one still undefeated.
Staff picks: Yeah, no KU believers in our midst, kudos to Swayze for being exceptionally close to being on the money.
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