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Podcast: 10/27/15

Because of the bye week, we decided to talk a little Southwest Conference, and the wonderful offenses that rose out of it. Then we bring on The Smoking Musket to talk West Virginia...

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There was no game last week, so in honor of that we brought Andrew's dad, Dr. Keith Brown, to talk the good ol' days of the SWC and how everything has changed since. Dr. Brown also reveals the truth of where we actually record. If you're an "older" listener, you'll really enjoy this. After that, we brought our friend David Smith from SBNation's wonderful West Virginia blog, The Smoking Musket on to talk and preview Thursday night's game.

Also, even my fellow millennial and co-host Andrew Brown didn't know there was a podcast app on your phone (at least if you have an iPhone...Droid people, I can't help you but I assume you're tech savvy). Anyway, if you're a mobile pod listener, and you have an iPhone; opening up the podcast app and searching "Frogs O'War podcast" is the easiest way to keep up.

Since this is a longer pod than usual so I broke it up for you:

0-51:18: Southwest Conference and Big 12 talk with Dr. Keith Brown

51:18-End: David Smith from The Smoking Musket drops by.