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Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 9

The staff makes more picks. DO YOU LIKE THEM?

There wasn't a ton of shifting in the standings after last week, but Marshall went 8-1 and climbed into a tie for first place. Meanwhile, Warrior picked Rutgers. That's right. He picked Rutgers. So, ridicule him for that.

Here are the full standings.



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Big 12

No. 5 TCU (7-0) vs. West Virginia (3-3) (Thursday)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 52, West Virginia 28 - West Virginia is without several key players on the defensive side of the ball Thursday, not the least of which is All-American free safety Karl Joseph. I have to assume that Baylor's offense was slowed more because of Russell's neck than West Virginia's embattled secondary, and a healthy Trevone Boykin will have his way more often than not throughout the course of the game.

Marshall Weber: TCU 55, West Virginia 38 - West Virginia has just lost too many key players in their secondary, and TCU plays too well at home for an upset. If TCU forces a turnover early, and should they capitalize, they can put it away early.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 45, West Virginia 28 - WVU boasts what is probably the best or second best defense the Frogs have faced so far this season, even without all american candidate Karl Joseph. And while that thought is troubling, TCU has been a wrecking crew - especially on offense - on their home field. Factor in the Thursday night atmosphere and a crowd that hasn't seen a game since Texas came to town, and I expect the stadium to be rocking in the home team's favor. I think we see both the first home team victory and first double digit win in a series that has seen three games decided by a total of five points.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 48, West Virginia 27- The Frogs put together another strong second half, and West Virginia's inconsistent offense simply can't get it going with regularity.

Andrew Felts: TCU 48, West Virginia 27 - Both teams had a week and a half to rest, regroup, and prepare for one another. The atmosphere in Fort Worth should be nothing short of electric. Frogs and Mountaineers trade blows early but a more talented TCU team emerges late. Trevone Boykin and Josh Doctson do their thing and the Frogs pull off a solid three-score win.

Warrior Horned Frog: TCU 56, West Virginia 42 - This will be my first time attending a game at The Carter since 1976! I've never been THERE to see them win one, so I'm looking to see some history made in more ways than one! GO FROGS!!!

Rusty Frog: TCU 52, West Virginia 42 – West Virginia will come out swinging, but they’ll spend the game trying to keep it close.  They won’t be able to keep up and the Frogs will take a win that won’t be a walk in the park, but it will be a win.  And that’s all we really need, right??

Scott Boase: TCU 45, West Virginia 31 - West Virginia just isn't the same without Karl Joseph leading the secondary, and I think TCU will runaway with it. Or it could be another double-overtime thriller, I'm not 100% sure which quarter defense TCU will be playing with on Thursday

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 45, West Virginia 34 - Let's say it's a close-ish win, but a rested TCU playing at home helps out a ton. The Mountaineers play well enough to keep the Frogs on their toes, though.

Mason Jamboogie: TCU 48, West Virginia 37 - Looking at the past 3 games in the series between these two teams, I would have to be foolish to expect this game to be anything but close, and I do believe that it will be for 2 and a half quarters. I'm mentally preparing myself for the abundance of pass interference flags that will be thrown during this game. O'meally, if he is starting, will continue to be a P.I. magnet when the Mountaineers throw the deep ball and a little bit of my happiness will die every time it is called. There are two reasons why I think that this game will be unlike the previous ones with West Virginia: first I see our run game reemerging in a big way during the second half. Secondly I believe that the black out in the Carter will keep the crowd in the game all four quarters, despite it being on a Thursday. Boykin throws for 4 TD's with Green running for 2 more as the Frogs pull away midway through the 3rd.

Simone Elices: TCU 48, West Virginia 17Thursday night Blackout in The Carter. Does it get any better than this? Well yeah, it could be on a Saturday night, but oh well. Expect the Frogs to come out and take care of business against a West Virginia team that has now lost three straight.

HToadSwayze: TCU 52, West Virginia 31 - West Virginia is getting a case of the Frogs as they now have three starters in their secondary out to injury/personal issues. At home, Boykin and Co. Will roll. The Frog's defense will will start slow again, but will put together a solid overall game as they seem to get better every week.

Kansas (0-7) vs. No. 14 Oklahoma (6-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 56, Kansas 10 - A garbage time TD will keep Kansas from wondering if that was really Oklahoma's football team, or maybe it was the state militia that just conquered Lawrence.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 48, Kansas 10 - Rutgers is bad. Kansas at least has some brightness ahead. Playing a red hot Oklahoma team won't help, but trust me, the Jayhawks will be better before too long.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 54, Kansas 17 - Remember that Samaje Perine guy? Yeah, he's pretty good. Lincoln Riley finally remembered that too, and the Sooner O has been all but unstoppable since.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 53, Kansas 6 - My prediction?  Pain.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 56, Kansas 10 - This matchup isn't even fair. The Sooners have seemed to find their mojo after falling to Texas three weeks ago. Despite a conference loss, Oklahoma could be gunning toward a Big 12 Championship.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma 66, Kansas 21 - The Wizard had expect someone to look behind the curtain SOONER or later.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma 49, Kansas 13 – It’s Oklahoma.  And it’s Kansas.  Do I need to explain?

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 31, Kansas 3 - OU is probably going to pitch a shutout for the majority of this game. They seem to be a much more inspired team ever since the loss to Texas.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 66, Kansas 17 - The Sooners meet their blowout score over Tech from last week, and then some. Samaje Perine rushes for, like, 900 million yards. Kansas manages a couple touchdowns and a field goal, but sadly for the Jayhawks, the struggle bus rolls along.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma 58, Kansas 6 - The Sooners go all Jack Bauer on the Jayhawks and continue their spree of rampage across the conference post-Texas loss. By the end of the first half in Lawrence we should all just be screaming, "STOP THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD".

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 42, Kansas 10 – Kansas. Oklahoma. Two teams going in complete opposite directions.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma 63, Kansas 14 - Kansas gets destroyed again. At least fans expected them to be really bad. That has to help the medicine go down. Right?

Texas Tech (5-3) vs. No. 12 Oklahoma State (7-0)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 42, Texas Tech 35 - Tech player after Tech player limped off the field in Norman, and while returning home will be rejuvenating to a degree, it won't be enough to get the Raiders past Oklahoma State.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 31, Texas Tech 28 - I still have absolutely no idea how I feel about Oklahoma State. Their toughest remaining games are at home, but hopefully the Red Raiders can wear out the Cowboys before TCU's matchup next Saturday.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 50, Oklahoma State 49 - I am calling weird things in Lubbock on this game. OSU has looked somewhere between good enough to win and legitimately good to get to this point of the season undefeated, while Tech hasn't looked right since the Catch-22. I think Mahomes makes some magic on the plains Saturday, and Kliffy calls a ballsy two point conversion to seal the win in regulation.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 48, Oklahoma State 37 - Bad things happen in Lubbock unless you're a lot better than the Raiders.  OSU is not a lot better than the Raiders.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 34, Texas Tech 30 - With the exception of their game against Kansas, the Pokes have been squeaking by in Big 12 play, and I expect this contest will feature more of the same. Texas Tech's defense keeps Mason Rudolph in check, but a late Patrick Mahomes interception seals the game for OSU. The Cowboys are 8-0 and making their own strong case for a Big 12 title.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma State 48, Texas Tech 45- I'll be taking my wife to see the Alamo this day, but I gotta remember to watch this one! On the Riverwalk. With margaritas.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 37, Texas Tech 31 – This game could go either way.  Numbers-wise, Tech has the potential to pull the upset.  But I feel like their confidence is a bit shot due to their record this far this season.  And the Cowboys are scrappy to the end, so I’m giving this one to them.  It’s going to be a good game.

Scott Boase: Texas Tech 35, Oklahoma State 31 - This one is a tossup in my eyes, because if Mahomes cuts down on the turnovers he had in the blowout losses has had to OU and Baylor, Tech has a real shot to win this one at home. I think OSU's defense is solid, but they haven't played the top half of the Big 12 and the respective offenses yet. Tech wins a close one.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 54, Texas Tech 38 - First off, my heart goes out to the Oklahoma State community for the tragedy that happened last weekend. I see this team taking charge and playing for a greater cause than a playoff ticket. The Pokes win this one big and bump up in the rankings.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma State 45, Texas Tech 38 - Are the Pokes legit or not? I still don't have a clue, but this game will  help lead me to an answer. Winning in Lubbock is no easy feat, but ever since Viva La Matadors published an article about how Tech is arguably the 3rd best team in the Big 12, things have not gone well for the the Red Raiders. They escaped a close one in Lawrence just to be steamrolled by Oklahoma the following week and the team hasn't regained the confidence it was playing with post Arkansas. On the other hand, Oklahoma State is playing with the most heart of any team in the country after the tragedy in Stillwater last week. I see the Pokes taking care of business in Lubbock with the defense making some big plays as they pulls away in the fourth quarter.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 48, Texas Tech 35 – Oklahoma State is looking better and better every week, while Texas Tech has started to slip in recent games. Although, Oklahoma State would be foolish to set their eyes on next weekends potential undefeated matchup vs TCU and overlook a sneaky good Red Raider team.

HToadSwayze: Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma State 38 - The Cowboys have gotten lucky a few times this season to stay unbeaten. TCU already used up all of the luck available to road teams in Lubbock with the Tortilla Tip.

Iowa State (2-5) vs. Texas (3-4)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 28, Iowa State 17 - Texas' defense is turning up the heat over the past few weeks, and when you couple that with the somewhat out-of-the-blue dismissal of Cyclone OC Mark Mangino, it's safe to assume things aren't going to go well for Iowa State.

Marshall Weber: Texas 24, Iowa State 20 - Another time I kind of want to pick against Texas. Probably not smart of their defensive lineman to say Iowa State is not only not good, but inconsistent as well. Coming from a guy on a team that got smoked by Notre Dame--beat Rice--blew it to Cal--blew it (with help) to OSU--got blown out by TCU--upset Oklahoma--and punched passed Kansas State in what was essentially a Big 10 game in the rain.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 34, Iowa State 20 - Texas might have a QB controversy on their hands again, but the Cyclones (finally) do not. Joel Lanning will be the manning the rest of the way, but it won't matter in Austin.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas 24, Iowa State 15 - The Longhorns escape with a win due to an interesting referee's interpretation of a long forgotten rule.

Andrew Felts: Texas 28, Iowa State 20 - Tyrone Swoopes is the difference for Texas for the second consecutive week. His new role in the end-zone package leads to more touchdowns, and more energy for the Longhorns. Ames isn't an easy place to play sometimes, but Texas picks up their third straight win and sets themselves up nicely for a bowl bid.

Warrior Horned Frog: Texas 35, Iowa State 28 - Both teams have axes to grind, but I think the Longhorns win the battle of the axe wielding dwarves in Ames.

Rusty Frog: Texas 31, Iowa State 28 – And here’s the other Big 12 game that could be an upset.  Iowa State has the talent in Mike Warren to upset Texas.  If Texas plays the way they have been since the Showdown, they’ll pull off the win.  If they have an off day, it could leave an opening for the Cyclones.

Scott Boase: Texas 27, Iowa State 24 (OT) - Texas' mantra with Jarrod Heard at quarterback is just to pound the rock. They'll be in control of the clock for most of this one with Iowa State's ability to spice things up in the passing game will make this a close one.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas 35, Iowa State 20 - Texas might not be sitting on the top tier of the conference right now, but let me tell you what, this team will be rolling to a three-game winning streak by the end of the week.

Mason Jamboogie: Texas 34, Iowa State 20 - Momentum seems to keep building for the Horns, but I suspect the Cyclones to keep it interesting for the first half. With the Cyclones making a switch at quarterback and if their beloved Mike Warren keeps playing like he is, this game could be better than advertised. I say it takes Texas until the end of the third quarter before the Horns force a dagger turnover and seal the deal in Ames.

Simone Elices: Texas 24, Iowa State 14 – Texas had another solid game last week against Kansas State and seems to be on a roll ever since their upset of Oklahoma in Dallas on the 10th. I have had this game circled every since the Longhorns left Fort Worth as a potentially ‘exciting’ game to watch, but that might just be because I want to see Texas lose every football game they play. Forever.

HToadSwayze: Texas 20, Iowa State 13 - Is Texas really favored to make it to 4-4. How is that possible? College football is weird sometimes.

Around the Country

No. 23 Pittsburgh (6-1) vs. North Carolina (6-1) (Thursday)

Jamie Plunkett: Pittsburgh 31, North Carolina 24

Marshall Weber: Pittsburgh 28, North Carolina 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Pittsburgh 31, North Carolina 20

Hawkeyed Frog: Pittsburgh 38, North Carolina 20

Andrew Felts: North Carolina 24, Pittsburgh 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Pittsburgh 42, North Carolina 38

Rusty Frog: North Carolina 44, Pittsburgh 27

Scott Boase: North Carolina 28, Pittsburgh 21

Samantha Calimbahin: North Carolina 27, Pittsburgh 20

Mason Jamboogie: Pittsburgh 27, North Carolina 25

Simone Elices: Pittsburgh 24, North Carolina 21

HToadSwayze: Pittsburgh 27, North Carolina 21

California (5-2) vs. USC (4-3)

Jamie Plunkett: USC 35, California 27

Marshall Weber: USC 38, California 35

Melissa Triebwasser: USC 42, California 37

Hawkeyed Frog: California 47, USC 31

Andrew Felts: USC 31, California 27

Warrior Horned Frog: USC 48, California 28

Rusty Frog: USC 42, California 28

Scott Boase: USC 31, California 28

Samantha Calimbahin: USC 34, California 20

Mason Jamboogie: USC 45, California 27

Simone Elices: USC 42, California 40

HToadSwayze: USC 42, California 41

No. 11 Florida (6-1) vs. Georgia (5-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Florida 27, Georgia 20

Marshall Weber: Florida 35, Georgia 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Florida 28, Georgia 24

Hawkeyed Frog: Florida 50, Georgia 21

Andrew Felts: Florida 35, Georgia 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Florida 38, Georgia 28

Rusty Frog: Florida 27, Georgia 17

Scott Boase: Florida 23, Georgia 20

Samantha Calimbahin: Florida 30, Georgia 21

Mason Jamboogie: Florida 34, Georgia 26

Simone Elices: Florida 35, Georgia 24

HToadSwayze: Florida 35, Georgia 28

Minnesota (4-3) vs. No. 15 Michigan (5-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Michigan 42, Minnesota 7

Marshall Weber: Michigan 34, Minnesota 30

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan 27, Minnesota 14

Hawkeyed Frog: Michigan 36, Minnesota 3

Andrew Felts: Michigan 24, Minnesota 21 :(

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan 42, Minnesota 28

Rusty Frog: Michigan 34, Minnesota 21

Scott Boase: Michigan 27, Minnesota 3

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan 24, Minnesota 17

Mason Jamboogie: Michigan 28, Minnesota 7

Simone Elices: Michigan 42, Minnesota 17

HToadSwayze: Michigan 24, Minnesota 7

No. 21 Temple (7-0) vs. No. 9 Notre Dame (6-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Notre Dame 38, Temple 24

Marshall Weber: Notre Dame 31, Temple 20

Melissa Triebwasser: Notre Dame 34, Temple 21

Hawkeyed Frog: Notre Dame 40, Temple 23

Andrew Felts: Notre Dame 31, Temple 17

Warrior Horned Frog: Notre Dame 55, Temple 48

Rusty Frog: Notre Dame 31, Temple 21

Scott Boase: Notre Dame 30, Temple 24

Samantha Calimbahin: Notre Dame 30, Temple 24

Mason Jamboogie: Notre Dame 45, Temple 31

Simone Elices: Temple 28, Notre Dame 27

HToadSwayze: Notre Dame 27, Temple 21

Houston vs. Vanderbilt

Jamie Plunkett: Houston 42, Vanderbilt 24

Marshall Weber: Houston 35, Vanderbilt 20

Melissa Triebwasser: Houston 42, Vanderbilt 31

Hawkeyed Frog: Houston 32, Vanderbilt 27

Andrew Felts: Houston 35, Vanderbilt 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Houston 38, Vanderbilt 28

Rusty Frog: Houston 41, Vanderbilt 31

Scott Boase: Houston 38, Vanderbilt 21

Samantha Calimbahin: Houston 38, Vanderbilt 17

Mason Jamboogie: Houston 38, Vanderbilt 17

Simone Elices: Houston 45, Vanderbilt 17

HToadSwayze: Houston 30, Vanderbilt 17