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On This Day in TCU Football History - October 29, 1938

As the Horned Frogs get ready for tonight’s matchup with West Virginia, they sit 7-0 and are chasing the Big 12 and National Championships. Just like the 1938 season, which ended in a National Championship for the TCU Horned Frogs, the Baylor Bears are trying to block the path. So, here’s how that went down 77 years ago today on October 29, 1938…

TCU vs Baylor
TCU vs Baylor
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Fort Worth, Oct 29 -  There had not been a more anticipated event in the city, or a tougher ticket, since the SMU game of '35. TCU's stadium overflowed with a crowd of more then 30,000. What they had come to see was a clash of undefeated teams plus a duel of two glamorous quarterbacks - the Frogs' Davey "Slingshot" O'Brien and Baylor's "Bullet Bill" Patterson.

It's likely the Frogs hit their '38 peak against the Bears.

O'Brien threw touchdown passes of  27 and 38 yards to Earl Clark, whose broken-field running and pass-receiving made him a co-star with O'Brien on this crucial afternoon. It was 14-0 by halftime.

Early in the third quarter, Davey fired a 35-yard touchdown pass to Pat Clifford, a speedy second-string halfback. Connie Sparks plunged for three touchdowns after O'Brien's air game set them up.

In all, the Frogs ate up 520 yards in total offense against Baylor's best team in years. In the aftermath, Baylor Coach Morley Jennings said, "If there is a better team in the country, I don't know where it is."

The size of the score no doubt had much to do with TCU moving up to No. 2 in the rankings, close behind Pitt and its celebrated "Dream Backfield."

(From the book Greatest Moments in TCU Football History, edited by Dan Jenkins and Francis J, Fitzgerald, AdCraft Sports Marketing, 1986. Used by permission.)