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Kansas State Offensive Player to Watch: Joe Hubener

K-State is running low on QBs. Will their second stringer threaten the Frogs' 5-0 record?

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs are on the road this weekend and headed to Kansas State.  K-State lost a close one last week to Oklahoma State after officials mistakenly gave OSU a first down when it should've been 4th and 4.  The Cats are pissed (and rightfully so).  And while the Frogs' defense is fighting wounded, the Cats' offense is limping through each game.  Kansas State's depth chart looked something like this going into last week's game:

1.      Jesse Ertz: out with knee injury

2.      Joe Hubener

3.      Alex Delton: out with knee injury

4.      Jonathan Banks: out with illness

5.      WR Kody Cook

During their very first drive of the game, Hubener took a serious shot to the head and left the game with a reported possible concussion.  That left Kody Cook, one of the team's wide receivers.  Cook did a good job, and Kansas State led at the half.  But Cook suffered an injury in the second half, so Hubener was brought back into the game.  The possibility of a concussion was suddenly pushed aside.  (The story goes that Hubener had been cleared to play but remained on the bench due to Cook's success until he was injured, too.)  Hubener ended the night 3 of 9 for 85 yards. But after OSU kicked the go-ahead field goal, Hubener threw an interception that gave OSU the ball to end the game.

Even though Cook's surprise performance gave Wildcat fans something to cheer about, Hubener is still expected to start this week.  He's a sophomore and former walk-on who played football at Cheney High School in Kansas.  He was the backup quarterback last year as well and had a rushing touchdown against TCU in that 41-20 win we had against the Wildcats last year.  So far this season, Hubener is 39 of 76 for 670 yards with one interception and four touchdowns.  He's also rushed for 113 yards and two touchdowns.

Knowing what it's like to try to replace starter after starter, the Frogs should feel a tinge of empathy for the Cats.  But only a tinge.  While Hubener and Cook have talent and pose a challenge for a still-recovering TCU defense on Saturday, Frog fans can feel confident that we've faced bigger threats and survived.  Keep this Cat in the bag, Frogs.

P.S. Happy 76th Birthday, Bill Snyder!