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Frogs Fall to 15th in CFP Rankings

TCU drops seven spots in the College Football Playoff Rankings after Saturday's 49-29 defeat in Stillwater.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Following Saturday's 49-29 loss to Oklahoma State, TCU has dropped from #8 to #15 in the College Football Playoff Rankings. The Frogs are the lowest of the four ranked Big 12 teams, with Baylor holding steady at #6, Oklahoma State surging to #8, and Oklahoma moving up three spots to #12. Clemson remains at the top, with Alabama jumping to #2, followed by Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Iowa.

For TCU, hope to enter the College Football Playoff is not quite lost, as the Frogs will have the chance to face both Baylor and Oklahoma to close out the season. However, with five undefeated and eight one-loss teams ahead of TCU, the Frogs will need chaos to reign supreme over the next three weeks to climb into the top four.

For the second week in a row, it appears that the Committee is unimpressed with the Big 12, as undefeated Baylor and Oklahoma State find themselves behind one-loss Alabama and Notre Dame teams. Additionally, TCU finds themselves one spot below 7-2 Michigan. The fate of the Big 12 in terms of the College Football Playoff hangs in the balance this month with several key match-ups involving the league's top four teams on the horizon.

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