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Kansas Defensive Player to Watch: DE Ben Goodman

Can Kansas DE Ben Goodman limit the Frogs' offense Saturday?

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

"You know, Coach, we just got tired of it." - Ben Goodman on Defense against Texas Tech

Let's be honest, after a battle that had us shaking us our heads and covering our eyes last Saturday, Frog Fans are looking forward to a break and an "easy win" this Saturday.  It's Kansas.  The worst team in the Big 12 doesn't even have a full roster.  And they're going to come charging into our house like they're going to win their first football game of the season?  Good luck, Jayhawks.

That being said, let's not forget that "consistent" and "dependable" haven't exactly been used to describe our Frog defense this year.  And last week, Boykin threw more interceptions than any game in his career.  This is also the Kansas team that stepped up and came very close to upsetting Texas Tech less than a month ago.  The Jayhawks aren't pushovers, and they're getting very tired of losing.

After the Tech game, Beaty asked his team what the difference was between that game and every other game the Jayhawks had played this season.  DE Ben Goodman reportedly stood up and said, "You know, Coach, we just got tired of it."  Goodman and the other seniors on the team have every right to be tired of losing.  In fact, Goodman has spent the entire season taking out his frustration on opposing offenses.

You'd never guess that the 6'3", 253-pound Goodman is a seasoned calf-roper, but the Beaumont, TX native has traveled the country competing at rodeos.  He finished his high school career with 259 tackles, 3 sacks, and 10 pass breakups.  He's been with Kansas his entire college career, which is rare on this new Kansas team.  He signed under Turner Gill and has played for Charlie Weis, Clint Bowen, and now David Beaty.  He's had to learn each coach's style, methods, and expectations.  And he's done it.  He's been a starter for the Jayhawks since 2012, and his stats have steadily increased every year.  So far this season, he has 38 tackles, including 24 solo, plus 4.5 sacksthat came against South Dakota State, Memphis, and Texas Tech.

Tomorrow, Goodman will focus on getting the Kansas defense off the field as quickly as possible.  Teams have been proving the Kansas D beatable all season.  Additionally, if their offense can't get first downs, the Jayhawk defense will be fending off exhaustion.  And of course every Frog fan should be praying that our Frogs stay healthy.  With strong players like Goodman, the Frog offense can't afford to take the Jayhawks' record as proof of their talent.  A solid hit on an unsuspecting Horned Frog could lead to injury before the last two games of the season.  And at this point, those are pretty important.  Once again, it's up to Frog Fans to show our support by attending the game and screaming ourselves hoarse.  Be sure to check your seat and the stadium chart to see what color to wear.

And look for Ben Goodman wearing #10 tomorrow.  He'll be the one looking to exploit any error by the Frog offense on Saturday.  (We're hoping he won't find one)