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2015 Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 11

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Big 12
West Virginia (4-4) vs. Texas (4-5)

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 27, Texas 14 - West Virginia held Tech's offense to just 378 total yards and 26 points. Imagine what they should be able to do against Texas (what, Texas scored a bajillion points against Kansas? And that's impressive why?).

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 42 , Texas 28 – My sister asked my grandfather the other day at dinner if Texas would win any of their remaining games like Oliver asked for more soup or whatever crap they were feeding them.He said they'd beat West Virginia. Not so sure. The Mountaineers can't tackle to save their lives, but in their second home game in a row and not having to play the thick of the Big 12 schedule all in a row, the Mountaineers buckle down beat Texas. Charlie doesn't go to Miami.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 27, Texas 24: WVU held on for a big win last week, while UT pasted Kansas. The Horns have been up and down all season long, but much better at home than on the road. The Eers defense should be able to do enough against the hapless Horns to hold on for the win.

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 34, Texas 13: West Virginia's defense gets better every week, and their secondary is good enough to make a fairly one dimensional Texas offense completely one dimensional.  West Virginia is still probably the fifth best team in the conference and starts proving it again here.

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 28, Texas 17 - Prior to Texas' loss to Iowa State, I really though the Longhorns would recover from their 1-4 start to at least advance to a bowl game. Now, I'm not so sure. Texas needs two wins against West Virginia, Texas Tech, and Baylor to become bowl eligible. We all know how hard it is to play in Morgantown, and the Mountaineers look to be rebounding from a four-game losing streak of their own. A loss here could all but end Texas' bowl hopes.

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: West Virginia 28, Texas 24 – I tossed a coin.  Who the heck knows with these two.

Scott Boase: West Virginia 30, Texas 19 – Texas will get their fair share of yards on the ground, but the West Virginia D will hold them out of the  end zone for most of the day (Hello UT special teams!). UT just doesn’t have the passing game to keep up.

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 38, Texas 20 - The Longhorns won the last two matchups against the Mountaineer but...nuh uh, not this time, says Dana Holgorsen. Let's say that when good ole Dana shook hands with Trevone Boykin a couple weeks ago, Dana in the process also received some type of blessing that would allow him to beat both Texas Tech and Texas. So there you go. 'Neers will win this one.

Mason Jamboogie: West Virginia 39, Texas 30 - Mixed feeling on this one. The Horns have to go up against the Mountaineers at home, which is never easy nor fun. Speaking of fun, Charlie Strong and Co. had theirs against Kansas last week, but they keep it interesting thanks to their defense. Skyler Howard throws a pick or two, but Dana won't be high-fiving any opposing quarterbacks this week.

Simone Elices: West Virginia 34, Texas 14 – Everything here is lining up for a large win for West Virginia. The Mountaineers are much better at home, while Texas has been atrocious on the road this year.

HToadSwayze: West Virginia 30, Texas 28 - Texas is the most confusing team in the conference this year when it comes to picking. You never feel good picking them, but you don't feel good picking against them either.

Iowa State (3-6) vs. No. 8 Oklahoma State (9-0)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 45, Iowa State 21 - Oklahoma State won't be upset again, as they were in 2011, but they may come out slow against an amped up Cyclones bunch. It'll all work out in the end, though, as they run away from ISU in Ames.

Marshall Weber: Iowa State 21, Oklahoma State 49 - Oklahoma State is very good. They're especially good if you don't have a good secondary. Iowa State is a much better football team than people think. But the Cowboys may (gulp) be the best team in the Big 12. Pray for chaos, do a raindance, make a soup with strange herbs in it, or whatever you gotta to get Oklahoma State to lose a game, but it won't happen this week.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 49, Iowa State 20: It won't happen again... will it? The last time an undefeated and highly ranked Cowboys team traveled to Ames after a big win... nah.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 31, Iowa State 28: It looks a lot like last time from the outside, doesn't it?  Coming off of a tragedy and a big win, Oklahoma State heads to Ames for a showdown and ends up getting the game of its life from the Cyclones.  This time, though, I simply don't think Iowa State has the receivers to make big gains on OSU's secondary without getting picked off as well, and the Cowboys come back to steal this one late.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 34, Iowa State 17 - As an unashamed Big 12 homer, I really want a team from the league in the Playoff. The conference is going to look really bad if it goes two years in a row with no team in the race. I think that Oklahoma State is the Big 12's best chance at getting a team in the playoff. The Cowboys should get the job done relatively easy in Ames, but I've said that before.

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 35, Iowa State 24 – Oklahoma State won’t play as well as they did last week against the Frogs, and they should keep the 2011 upset by Iowa in the back of their minds.  Anything can happen in Ames, but the Cowboys will come away with the win.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 50, Iowa State 3 – In a dramatic twist of events, Oklahoma State blows out the Cyclones in Ames and promptly move up to #3 in next week’s CFP poll.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 65, Iowa State 17 - Oklahoma State simply rolls over Iowa State to move 10-0 and go nowhere in the rankings. Well what can ya do...

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma State 45, Iowa State 34 - CHAOS REIGNS AS AMES GOES ALL AMES IN THE MIDDLE OF NOVEMBER ONCE MORE. Just kidding. I expect the Cyclones to jump out to an early lead, but then Mason Rudolph throws 3 touchdowns to James Washington. Off his back foot. While wearing a blindfold. So that the Pokes can escape with the win.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 45, Iowa State 24 – Can this be 2011 all over again? Probably not.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma State 42, Iowa State 35 - I know it seems impossible after the beatdown they put on us last week, but I think OSU has flashbacks of 2011 in Ames. In the end they'll get it done, but I expect a close one.

Texas Tech (5-5) vs. Kansas State (3-5)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 35, Kansas State 27 - Tech will get the W in this one, but it won't be a pretty game for either team. Tech and KSU are on their way down to the cellar of the conference, and for one of them (KSU), things are going to get worse before they get better.

Marshall Weber: Texas Tech 34,. Kansas State 31 - Tech plays better at home and Kansas State isn't very good on the road. What does that mean? It's a Big 12 game I can't guarantee I'll watch. But I can guarantee that Joe Hubener will die and then respawn and return to action at some point in the game.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 44, Kansas State 31: Tech might pull an OSU and drop 40 plus with half the possessions and a fraction of the time of the Wildcats, and the result will be the same - a w.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 51, Kansas State 31: Kansas State is an entirely different team playing at home, they play with confidence and take a few more risks on offense- on the road they've struggled, and even against Techs sorrowful run defense, they're going to have to pass to stop Tech from figuring out their very delayed zone read play.  Tech makes it to bowl eligibility first from the field of mediocrity.

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 34, Kansas State 20 - Tech becomes bowl eligible with a relatively comfortable home win against a Kansas State team that is still struggling to find its identity. The Wildcats kept things close against Baylor at home last week, but playing on the road against Texas Tech provides a significantly different atmosphere.

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Texas Tech 31, Kansas State 21 – I don’t even know about these two anymore.  I just gave it to the home team. Sorry, Bill Snyder.

Scott Boase: Kansas State 30, Texas Tech 28 – Here’s a fun fact: Texas Tech under Kliff Kingsbury has lost 17 straight to Big XII teams not named Kansas or Iowa State.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 42, Kansas State 35 - Heh. The Red Raiders have tortillas on their side.

Mason Jamboogie: Texas Tech 48, Kansas State 31 - Kansas State may be able to run all over the Raiders, but I'm going with Kliff and friends at home. I'm just going to say it, I can throw better than Joe Hubener can. He's going to run the ball about 30 times in the game, but Tech will get a turnover at one point and keep on scoring. It pains me to pick against the Wizard, but Kansas State hasn't been able to seal the deal in close games this year.

Simone Elices: Kansas State 31, Texas Tech 27 – Kansas State’s running game should be able to feast on a Texas Tech team that is ranked 125th in the country and allowing over 270 yards a game on the ground. If they are able to go on long drives and keep Mahomes and the high octane Red Raiders offense off the field, they will have a good chance of coming out of Lubbock with a win.

HToadSwayze: Texas Tech 52, Kansas State 42 - The Red Raiders have to pull this one out in Lubbock. Right? Their defense is worse that we ever even expected. Kansas State will probably run the ball all over the place and be in control of the game at half time. Then, they'll come out and start throwing for no reason and allow Tech to rattle off a quick 10 point lead, which they don't relinquish.

No. 6 Baylor (8-0) vs. No. 12 Oklahoma (8-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 42, Oklahoma 38 - Jarrett Stidham looked great in his first game as the starter, throwing for over 400 yards and three touchdowns, plus a rushing touchdown. However, Baylor's running game stumbled a bit, and it led to a one-dimensional offense looking far less productive than it has all season. If Oklahoma can have success stopping Baylor's rushing attack, look out for the upset.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 48, Oklahoma 52 - We've all seen it. Probably six or seven times, with four different actors, over the span of 25 years; but this year's Red River Rivalry was the equivalent of when Bruce Wayne's parents are gunned down in an alley, promoting the young child to become an angry vigilante. Oklahoma is an angry vigilante and blackout game or not, College Game--which I won't watch--or not, food trucks at 5am or not, Art Briles being a vampire or not, primetime game or not, Oklahoma squeaks past Baylor.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 54, Baylor 52: I am picking with my heart, not my head. Boomer.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 49, Baylor 34: If there's one thing that Bob Stoops does consistently well, it's prepare for the revenge game.  Only three times in his career at Oklahoma has Bob Stoops lost to the same team in two consecutive seasons, and he's never lost three in a row to the same team.  This is one he's going to want bad, and is why he made all of the changes he did this offseason.  With KSU showing a bit of a blueprint on how to stop the Baylor running game last week, OU takes advantage this week.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 35, Baylor 31 - I've flip-flopped on this game about a dozen times. Baylor's performance in Manhattan last week makes me think Oklahoma wins it by double-digits. But I think Baylor is a lot better than their game against Kansas State showed. I want to pick the Bears at home, but the Sooners are playing a different style of football since their loss to Texas. An Oklahoma team averaging 58.0 points per game in their last four could be trouble for a very pedestrian Baylor defense.

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Baylor 34, Oklahoma 31 – I really want to be wrong on this.  I want to take the hit on the upset so bad.  And I was thisclose to choosing that upset.  But Stidham played pretty well last week, and the Bears are at home.  So I’ll begrudgingly give them this one.  **stomps off to pout with her 2-year-old**

Scott Boase: Baylor 45, Oklahoma 35 – Oklahoma will force Baylor’s QB Stidham into an interception or two, but it won’t be enough to slow down the Bears’ potent offense and resurgent running game. As much as I want to believe, I just don’t see it happening unless both Perine and Mayfield both have career days, something that has yet to happen simultaneously.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 45, Baylor 42 - Believe.

Mason Jamboogie: Oklahoma 45, Baylor 42 - Hold on folks. This one is going to be fun. I was so close to choosing the Bears, and I do really want Baylor to be undefeated when they stroll into town on BlackFriday, but I think them losing here would be best for our playoff hopes (which I'm not sure if they are even a thing anymore). ANYWAYS, Baylor has had the Sooner's number for the past couple of seasons, including Bob Stoops' worst loss at home ever, but the trend stops here. Several words come to mind when I think of Baker Mayfield...few of them are appropriate for this blog, but I admit he's been crazy fun to watch for most of this year. He's competitive as all hell, and I think that he and the rest of his team are going to continue to play very angry this weekend. The Bear's front line on defense was laughable last week against a Kansas State run game that ins't even close to the level of talent that the Sooners posses. This one will come down to a last minute drive, with the Sooner's defense making a big stop to get their offense the ball back. Mayfield drives down the field and won't be denied. He runs for 6 with BEARly any time left on the clock. Right as the game ends, he runs to the Baylor Student Section, takes off his jersey, signs it, and hands it to the nearest Baylor fan and says, "Go _______ yourself". In true Baker fashion.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 42, Baylor 41 – Oklahoma certainly has the personnel to stop Baylor both on the ground and in the air and will most likely be dialing up a variety of different looks to confuse true freshman Jarrett Stidham. A win in Waco would blow the doors wide open on the Big 12 and add even more excitement to an already hectic November.

HToadSwayze: Oklahoma 56, Baylor 52 - Hold on to your butts. Baylor is about to face ff against a bonafide good team this weekend. For TCU's sake, I want OU to win this one. I hope that the rest of the staff is voting with their hearts on this one too.

No. 15 TCU (8-1) vs. Kansas (0-9)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 63, Kansas 6 - Dear Kansas: This will not be pretty, nor will it be much fun for you. The Frogs are here to rage beat you like they did Oklahoma State in 2014 after the loss to Baylor. You had about 30 minutes of fake hope on Thursday when Josh Doctson was rumored to be out for the season. That is not the case. Goodbye, sweet Jayhawks, you'll have your revenge come Big 12 basketball season.

Marshall Weber: TCU 60,  Kansas 17 - Boykin, Doctson, and the defense get a nice break before having to play a brutal final two games; one in Norman and one in Fort Worth that should have the friendliness of Berlin circa 1984. The game will be over quickly. 

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 55, Kansas 14: In the wild, an angry horned frog shoots blood out of its eyes. In football, and angry Horned Frog takes lesser opponents to the woodshed. These are angry Horned Frogs. The probable return of Ty Slanina is almost as good of medicine as the Jayhawk incompetence. I agree with Marsh though - this team will trent up with Beatty at the helm.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 59, Kansas 20: The cure for what ails the Frogs is a Jayhawks team that is both as injured as they are, but without the talent or high speed players to take advantage of TCU's secondary.  This one is a bit of catharsis before the real games begin again.

Andrew Felts: TCU 63, Kansas 21 - This is the rebound game of all rebound games. The Jayhawks are three losses away from becoming the first winless team in Big 12 history. And Kansas hasn't won a road conference game since I was a sophomore in high school. With Playoff hopes dashed, the Frogs are going to come out swinging. TCU scores early, late, and often in a blowout.

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: TCU 58, Kansas 9 – Angry Frogs at home?  (sigh) Poor Jayhawks.  We got this.

Scott Boase: TCU 55, Kansas 17 – Much like Nick Saban’s teams, facing Gary Cunningham’s team off of a loss is a scary proposition, and football is an emotional game. That, combined with the close call in Lawrence last year and this one is pointing to a blowout bigtime.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 40, Kansas 10 - TCU's defense doesn't sweat much at home. With Gary Patterson giving the defense an earful during practice this week, I see the defense stepping up their game and forcing a few turnovers. I don't see the Frogs scoring as high without Doctson, but still, the Frogs are likely in for a big win to make up for last week's big loss.

Mason Jamboogie: TCU 63, Kansas 9 - If it's Kansas, pick against Kansas. If it's Kansas on the road against another power 5 team, double the amount of how much you have Kansas losing by. If it's Kansas on the road against a undoubtedly pissed off TCU squad, then keep that doubled amount for the other team's score and subtract any touchdowns that you gave Kansas. In all honesty with the way that our secondary performed last week, the Jayhawks could easily score on a deep ball, but I'm going to believe in Patterson and the defense this week. I believe that they can keep Kansas out of the end zone for this one. Oh and Trevone has a performance so good that all the Heisman voters forget about last week.

Simone Elices: TCU 66, Kansas 7 – I can’t even imagine what GMFP told his team after last week’s game and frankly, I’m not sure that I want to know. Look for a very pissed off Frogs team to be taking the field Saturday morning as they try and get back on track before finishing the season with Oklahoma and Baylor.

HToadSwayze: TCU 70, Kansas 0 - Yeah, I know that Patterson has too much class to dump 70 on poor defenseless Kansas. But let's be honest, they deserve it....and we deserve it too.

Around the Country

No. 17 Mississippi State (7-2) vs. No. 2 Alabama (8-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Alabama 27, Mississippi State 17

Marshall Weber: Mississippi State 20, Alabama 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Alabama 31, Mississipi St 10

Hawkeyed Frog: Alabama 21, Mississippi State 13

Andrew Felts: Alabama 31, Mississippi State 21

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Alabama 30, Mississippi State 21

Scott Boase: Alabama 27, Mississippi State 24

Samantha Calimbahin: Alabama 35, Mississippi State 24

Mason Jamboogie: Alabama 34, Mississippi State 24

Simone Elices: Alabama 34, Mississippi State 28

HToadSwayze: Alabama 31, Mississippi State 21

No. 24 Houston (9-0) vs. No. 21 Memphis (8-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Houston 55, Memphis 49

Marshall Weber: Houston 38, Memphis 41

Melissa Triebwasser: Memphis 37, Houston 34

Hawkeyed Frog: Memphis 48, Houston 39

Andrew Felts: Houston 42, Memphis 31

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Houston 34, Memphis 31

Scott Boase: Houston 38, Memphis 37

Samantha Calimbahin: Houston 30, Memphis 28

Mason Jamboogie: Memphis 41, Houston 38 - VIVA LA FUENTE

Simone Elices: Houston 52, Memphis 41

HToadSwayze: Houston 45, Memphis 42

No. 9 LSU (7-1) vs. Arkansas (5-4)

Jamie Plunkett: LSU 20, Arkansas 17

Marshall Weber: LSU 28, Arkansas 17

Melissa Triebwasser: LSU 34, Arkansas 27

Hawkeyed Frog: LSU 40, Arkansas 20

Andrew Felts: LSU 28, Arkansas 21

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: LSU 45, Arkansas 37

Scott Boase: Arkansas 24, LSU 20

Samantha Calimbahin: LSU 40, Arkansas 35

Mason Jamboogie: LSU 27, Arkansas 21

Simone Elices: LSU 35, Arkansas 24

HToadSwayze: LSU 28, Arkansas 21

No. 7 Stanford (8-1) vs. Oregon (6-3)

Jamie Plunkett: Stanford 38, Oregon 27

Marshall Weber: Stanford 45, Oregon 28

Melissa Triebwasser: Stanford 35, Oregon 19

Hawkeyed Frog: Oregon 31, Stanford 28

Andrew Felts: Stanford 34, Oregon 17

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: Stanford 44, Oregon 31

Scott Boase: Stanford 30, Oregon 21

Samantha Calimbahin: Stanford 34, Oregon 20

Mason Jamboogie: Stanford 45, Oregon 24

Simone Elices: Stanford 38, Oregon 31

HToadSwayze: Stanford 35, Oregon 21

No. 19 UCLA (7-2) vs. Washington State (6-3)

Jamie Plunkett: Washington State 49, UCLA 35

Marshall Weber: UCLA 49, Washington State 42

Melissa Triebwasser: UCLA 45, Washington State 44

Hawkeyed Frog: Washington State 38, UCLA 28

Andrew Felts: UCLA 45, Washington State 35

Warrior Horned Frog:

Rusty Frog: UCLA 44, Washington State 34

Scott Boase: Washington State 42, UCLA 38

Samantha Calimbahin: UCLA 38, Washington State 30

Mason Jamboogie: UCLA 48, Washington State 37

Simone Elices: UCLA 45, Washington St. 38

HToadSwayze: UCLA 52, Washington State 45