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Weekend Warzone: Big 12 Roundup Week 11

Baylor's first game against a team with a winning record, OSU heading to Ames ranked, and the little 6 struggling for bowl eligibility- what happened in the Big 12 this week?

Trey Fallon

West Virginia Mountaineers 38, Texas Longhorns 20

In the battle of the bowl aspirants (who had bad 1-4 runs), it was interesting to see how two similar teams would deal with finally reaching the part of the season where they have games they can actually win and, despite the score, it was quite an interesting game.  The Longhorns actually outgained the Mountaineers substantially on both the ground and through the air, the latter of which is quite a surprise considering this Longhorn team in comparison to a typical Dana Holgorsen team, but repeatedly made mistakes that gave West Virginia the opportunities needed to cash in.  24 of West Virginia's points in this one came off of Longhorn turnovers, including a fumble recovery for a touchdown to give the Mountaineers their first points of the game.   For West Virginia, this means that a win over Kansas, Iowa State or Kansas State will get them back to bowling, while a win over all three could propel them as high as #4 in the pecking order (if the wheels just entirely fell off for the Bears or Sooners from here).  For Texas the situation is much more grim, as to salvage a bowl game this time the Longhorns must hold off Tech at home and then beat Baylor on the road- it's probably not going to happen.
Staff Picks: We're all clear on this one, but Samantha got this one dead on, picking a 38-20 final score.  That deserves more than kudos- maybe we should throw her a pizza party or something?
The Smoking Musket:
'Eers put down Steers
Burnt Orange Nation:
Turnovers sink Longhorns

Oklahoma State Cowboys 35, Iowa St. Cyclones 31

So close.  The Cyclones led this one from the opening kickoff until midway through the fourth quarter, using a well balanced offense to compliment a defense that threw some interesting wrinkles in coverage to try to force Mason Rudolph to run to pick up first downs- which worked quite well until OSU started getting more pressure on Joel Lanning and forcing ISU into straight passing situations, where the Cyclones struggled- completing just half of their passes and throwing an absolutely dreadful pick that crushed ISU's hopes at the end of the game.  Lanning had a receiver open in a window with defenders about bracketing him about 8 yards in front of and behind him, but sailed it directly into the arms of the defender trailing behind.  For Oklahoma State it was another miracle escape on the road, but the good news for them (and bad for the rest of the Big 12 title hopefuls) is that the Cowboys have been dynamite at home, and that's where their last two games will be.
Staff picks: All good here as well, but my pick was the closest, just one point off the actual margin of victory.  You know what, I'll take a pizza party too!
Cowboys Ride for Free:
Somehow Oklahoma State won this game
Wide Right and Natty Lite:
Close but no cigar

Texas Tech Red Raiders 59, Kansas State Wildcats 44

I'm very glad this is DeAndre Washington's last year playing for Tech, as damn he's good.  Washington didn't just outrush the entire Wildcat offense himself (which we all know is a very run heavy sort of team), he doubled their total yardage and equaled their rushing touchdown total singlehandedly.  That should tell you just about everything you need to know about this one- Kansas State was a bit more efficient passing the ball than usual, but Huebner was made a non-factor in the running game (with the exception of the in Red Zone), and the Wildcats simply can't win football games without Huebner running a bunch and doing it well.  As a result, Tech is the fifth Big 12 team to become bowl eligible, while the Wildcats have been pushed to the brink of no bowl for the first time under Snyder part 2 unless they manage to win out.  
Staff picks: Scott and Simone believed in the wizard, while the rest of us are in the clear this time.  Andrew was a point off from the correct margin, so kudos to the Feltster.
Viva the Matadors:
Tech outlasts K-State
Bring on the Cats:
Five questions we now have

TCU Horned Frogs 23, Kansas Jayhawks 17

TCU had remarkable luck with injuries last year and managed to stay healthy almost the entire way through, this year is the opposite of that.  If you need any proof that Trevone Boykin is the best player in the nation, just look at this final score and then give him the trophy.
Staff picks: Yep.  Technically Samantha was closest on this one, but given that she still gave the Frogs a 30 point margin of victory there shall be no kudos for anyone for this one.
Frogs O' War: Is the best thing about this particular game, other than the news that Boykin shouldn't be hampered for next week.
Rock Chalk Talk:
Trevone Boykin injured. Yep, they know what's important too.

Oklahoma Sooners 44, Baylor Bears 34

Baylor forced a three and out to start the game, then immediately went down the field to score a touchdown on their opening drive.  Then things started to go wrong, as the Bears had either a bad snap/hold on the point after, or just a really poorly thought out two point conversion attempt, and the Sooners answered quickly to take the lead at 7-6.  Baylor would never lead again, as Oklahoma stifled the Bears on the ground, holding them to just three and a half yards per carry, and almost entirely neutralized Baylor's Corey Coleman, holding him out of the end zone and to just three catches.  The Sooners did a good job of not giving up the deep ball, forcing Baylor to drive the length of the field on them to beat them, something which the Bears simply couldn't do.  Baylor's home winning streak is snapped, and now have to count on both winning out and OU losing one of their last two in order to claim part of the league championship.  Or, in other words.
Staff picks: Samantha, Mason, myself, Andrew, Simone, Marshall and Swayze were on the right side of this one, while I was the one with the right pick again.  Who'da thunk it?
Crimson and Cream Machine:
Baker Goes Bear Hunting
Our Daily Bears:
So it Ends