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2015 Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Week 12

It's go time!

We're in the home stretch of the staff picks. With just three weeks left, can anyone overtake Felts for the top spot?



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Big 12

Kansas (0-10) vs. West Virginia (5-4)

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 38, Kansas 17 - Don't worry Kansas, the season is almost over. Plus you have a really good, already lost too? Yeesh.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 58, Kansas 14 - West Virginia gets smoked by TCU. Kansas barely loses to TCU. Kansas should be ranked in the Top-20 come Tuesday. #JeffLongForRealPresident

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 34, Kansas 20 - WVU is on the path to bowl eligibility. and while I don't think Kansas is as bad as their record, they have no good karma coming to them after knocking Boykin out Saturday. 0-12 is looking like the most likely scenario for the Jayhawks, and to make matters worse, their basketball team already has a loss, too!

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 38, Kansas 12- The Mountaineers take care of bowl eligibility this week as Kansas can't muster much against West Virginia's surprisingly stout defense.  Kansas will have a chance to win a game this season, but it won't be this one.

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 38, Kansas 20 - West Virginia becomes bowl eligible after a blowout win in Lawrence. Kansas' long nightmare season is almost over.

HToadSwayze: West Virginia 42, Kansas 13 - West Virginia is finally getting the chance to string some wins together. Good for them.

Mason Jamboogie: West Virginia 49, Kansas 13 - Kansas is bad. That is all.

Rusty Frog: West Virginia 31, Kansas 24 – (sigh) The Jayhawks are steadily improving, and I don’t think West Virginia on the road will make the current 28-point spread.  But the Jayhawks will still lose this one.

Warrior Horned Frog: West Virginia 42, Kansas 14 - Hey, Kansas, welcome to TCU a' la 1976. So, yeah, just give it 40 years.

Simone Elices: West Virginia 42, Kansas 17 – Still don’t think this will be the week that Kansas gets their first win (I don’t think any week is going to be that week for Kansas).

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 40, Kansas 10 - Certainly Kansas gave TCU a ball game last week, but the Earth will shift back into its usual position this week for sure.

Scott Boase: West Virginia 35, Kansas 9 - Kansas can't have much left in the tank after losing so many games in a row and coming up short agains the Frogs last week.

Kansas State (3-6) vs. Iowa State (3-7)

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 28, Kansas State 20 - Iowa State is looking for their third conference win this season, which would be the most they've had in a season since 2012.

Marshall Weber: Kansas State 28, Iowa State 24 - For what it's worth, this may be one of the hardest games to pick all year. Iowa State, yes them, are on the up. Mike Warren is an incredible talent, but I don't think they can pull off the win away from home.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa State 34, Kansas State 27 - The Cyclones took yet another punch in the gut Saturday, after coming *this close* to knocking off an undefeated and highly ranked Oklahoma State team for the second time in four years. But, they are the better team and should be able to hold on vs the sputtering Cats.

Hawkeyed Frog: Iowa State 27, Kansas State 17- The Cyclones youth movement continues to grow, this time crushing the bowl hopes of the Wildcats as ISU wins their first game in Manhattan since 2004.  As for Kansas State, it will be interesting to see how Bill Snyder handles what has become a very stale offense.

Andrew Felts: Kansas State 27, Iowa State 26 - Kansas State finally, finally, picks up their first Big 12 win of the year. After being on the losing end of so many close games, the Wildcats reverse fortunes and win a nail-biter in Manhattan. Iowa State's dismal road record gets worse as the Cyclones fall to 0-5 away from home on the year.

HToadSwayze: Iowa State 35, Kansas State 31 - Farmageddon has the best name of any rivalry in the Big 12. Iowa State looks like they actually have a chance at this one. They have been finding some life of offense after making the switch to Joel Lanning at QB.

Mason Jamboogie: Iowa State 31, Kansas State 27 - Forgive me Bill Snyder. I hate to pick against the Wiz, but the Cyclones have been playing hotter than I ever expected them to. Although it would be a total Iowa State move to blow this one after I gain a little confidence in them. Joe Hubener throws 3 picks on 12 attempts.

Rusty Frog: Iowa State 30, Kansas State 24 – You never know how these two teams are going to play.  We’ve only got 2 weeks of football left, so what the heck—I’m calling the upset. But the Wildcats will keep it close for the sake of the home crowd.

Warrior Horned Frog: Kansas State 38, Iowa State 32 - The battle for the Well, Nothing could be entertaining to watch if I'm up that early.

Simone Elices: Iowa State 31, Kansas State 28 – This Iowa State team has impressed me quite a bit this year, and even though they will have to go to The Little Apple, the fact that this game is at 11 AM makes me think that Kansas State’s home advantage won’t matter much. Iowa State scrapes out a close one on the road.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas State 35, Iowa State 24 - As we've all learned, don't underestimate Iowa State. But don't count out Kansas State either. It's sad to see the Wildcats go this far into the season without a conference win, but I betcha they'll break their 6-game losing skid this week.

Scott Boase: Kansas State 28, Iowa State 26 - Kansas State has played nearly all of their opponents close, and I think they'll be able to run over the Cyclones defense fairly easily and stay in control of this game.

No. 6 Oklahoma State (10-0) vs. No. 10 Baylor (8-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 55, Baylor 35 - Oklahoma State is out for blood, and with a banged up Stidham and a running game that has largely deserted them, the Bears don't stand a chance.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 44, Oklahoma State 41 - It's hard to believe Gary and Art have never won in Stillwater. I'm taking Baylor because (a) I think they match up favorably, even on the road, to this OSU team, and more importantly (b) the Big 12 is a damn good conference with 4 really good teams right now. It's hard enough to go undefeated in College Football, it's especially hard in the Big 12 where no one's gone undefeated since Texas in 2009.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 52, Baylor 45 - Oklahoma State had a massive letdown on the road last week, having to mount a furious fourth quarter comeback to hold off the pesky Cyclones. But they will be ready for a banged up Baylor team, that may or may not be without their second string, now starting, QB. If Stidham was healthy, I might pick the Bears, but as it stands, I think the Pokes knock them out of the top ten and ultimately, the playoff picture.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 56, Baylor 31- Stidham didn't look quite right toward the end of the loss to OU, and OSU's defense seems likely to make any lingering issues worse- they love to jump routes and absolutely hammer the passer.  At home, OSU is one of the top four teams in the country.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 42, Baylor 35 - I fully expect the Oklahoma State offense to find the same success through the air that they had against TCU two weeks ago. However, I have a hard time seeing the Cowboys' defense replicating their performance against the Frogs. Jarrett Stidham is banged up, and if he isn't 100%, this one might not be close.

HToadSwayze: Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 35 - I mean, come on. Oklahoma State has been hanging by a thread all season. They can't keep beating the good teams. Can they?

Mason Jamboogie: Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 38 - What a mad world indeed. I don't know what life is where I am rooting for Baylor over Oklahoma State...but for the love of all that is good, the Bears must win. I think that Art Briles' squad bounces back and gives the Pokes their first loss of the season, beating them in Stillwater for the first time since before World War II.

Rusty Frog: Oklahoma State 35, Baylor 34 – Weird things happen in Stillwater.

Warrior Horned Frog: Oklahoma State 48, Baylor 28 - I'd prefer the opposite, only for TCU's sake, but I just don't think da Bears pull it off in Stillwater. PLEASE surprise me, Baylor!

Simone Elices: Baylor 55, Oklahoma State 52 – Baylor hasn’t won in Stillwater since 1939, but what a better time to get a win and send the Big 12 into even more chaos.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 42, Baylor 35 - In a battle of the offenses, the defense wins. And the way I see it, Oklahoma State has the stronger defense here. Pair that with home field advantage and saltiness for being undefeated and still left out of the Top 4. The Cowboys are going to fight for this one.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 53, Baylor 45 - I really think Baylor has a good shot to win with their running game, but I think the Pokes being at home and the Bears on the road is the difference tonight.

No. 7 Oklahoma (9-1) vs. No. 18 TCU (9-1)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 35, Oklahoma 28 - FOSTER SAWYER FOR PRESIDENT. /cries

Marshall Weber: TCU 24 vs. Oklahoma 21 - Will Boykin play? Who knows, I see, and want this, to be a boxing match. If the Horned Frogs are able to utilize their run-game and eat up more clock than the crocodile from Peter Pan, and thereby keeping Mayfield and Perine off of the field, I think Gary's squad has a shot. If Boykin plays, why wouldn't they anyway? The Frogs are the underdogs once again and I don't think Gary would have it any other way.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 37, TCU 24 - The first time I pick against TCU is also my least favorite week of picks, and as much as I bleed purple and want to believe this team can RISE (Mason's piece was amazing, by the way), I just think OU is too hot right now and the Frogs are too banged up to pull off the upset. The news that Doc is done for the year, that Boykin is a game time decision, and that Joey Hunt is also questionable make it tough to pick against the home team. I hope I eat my words Saturday night.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 34, TCU 29 - This is the one that I picked as TCU's likely loss at the beginning of the season, and though I tend toward optimism as the game approaches most of the time, I am legitimately concerned that TCU may not have enough players to finish this game.  Still, TCU plays OU tough as anyone, and I'm thinking Boykin will play- but without his full complement of weapons, it won't quite be enough.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 42, TCU 37 - (Dear Lord Baby Jesus, please don't let me be the only one on staff picking against TCU.) Before the season started, this was the one game that I thought the Frogs would drop. After seeing how TCU performed against Oklahoma State and Kansas, I'm even more convinced that the Sooners will win. The Oklahoma offense is averaging 55.2 points per game since they lost to Texas. That should be incredibly alarming for a TCU secondary that hasn't stopped much of anything through the air as of late. I want to believe that the Frogs keep this one close, but I'm just not so sure. If Boykin is out, I think things get out of hand early. (Please don't hate me.)

HToadSwayze: TCU 42, Oklahoma 38 - It is going to be a tough task to win in Norman. I'm going to assume that Boykin plays and that somehow, we get it done. If I'm wrong on this one, I don't want to be right.

Mason Jamboogie: TCU 37, Oklahoma 33 - If the ship is going down this week I'm going down with it. Patterson has been able to beat better Oklahoma teams with a lot less than what he has right now. I predict that Oklahoma takes the lead for three quarters and 10 minutes until Paul Daws...I mean DERRICK KINDRED takes a pick to the house for 6.  Goodness I am nervous as I can possibly be. If the Frogtanic is heading for an iceberg, it's going to be in Norman. However, I still have hope that Patterson can find a way to right the ship. Bottom Line: THIS TEAM HAS TO FIGHT AND NOT LOOK BACK.

Rusty Frog: TCU 45, Oklahoma 41 – Keep the faith.  We got this.

Warrior Horned Frog: TCU 48, Oklahoma 45 - Norman will be rocking for this barn burner, but Coach P and company pull out all the hidden aces and Frogs bring home the win and the momentum!

Simone Elices: TCU 48, Oklahoma 45 – Well, TCU didn’t come out and stomp Kansas last week like everyone expected, so maybe the back-to-back angry GMFP speeches will have double the effect and help them get a much needed win on the road.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 35, Oklahoma 34 - I don't care who's the quarterback or wide receiver or lineman or whoever. Win by one. Just one. Please. I believe.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 38, TCU 28 - I hope I'm wrong, and I think the Frogs make this a close game (always seems to be with OU), but TCU is simply playing so young at this point and OU is playing like they could beat anybody.

Around the Country

No. 3 Ohio State (10-0) vs. No. 9 Michigan State (9-1)

Jamie Plunkett: Ohio State 31, Michigan State 28

Marshall Weber: Ohio State 24, Michigan State 21

Melissa Triebwasser: Ohio State 24, Michigan State 22

Hawkeyed Frog: Ohio State 27, Michigan State 20

Andrew Felts: Ohio State 31, Michigan State 21

HToadSwayze: Ohio State 31, Michigan State 24

Mason Jamboogie: Ohio State 44, Michigan State 42

Rusty Frog: Ohio State 38, Michigan State 27

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan State 38, Ohio State 35

Simone Elices: Ohio State 42, Michigan State 34

Samantha Calimbahin: Ohio State 35, Michigan State 28

Scott Boase: Ohio State 30, Michigan State 28

No. 25 Wisconsin (8-2) vs. No. 20 Northwestern (8-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Wisconsin 27, Northwestern 17

Marshall Weber: Wisconsin 34, Northwestern 28

Melissa Triebwasser: Northwestern 30, Wisconsin 20

Hawkeyed Frog: Northwestern 23, Wisconsin 10

Andrew Felts: Wisconsin 28, Northwestern 17

HToadSwayze: Wisconsin 28, Northwestern 21

Mason Jamboogie: Wisconsin 14, Northwestern 13

Rusty Frog: Wisconsin 24, Northwestern 16

Warrior Horned Frog: Wisconsin 28, Northwestern 21

Simone Elices: Wisconsin 34, Northwestern 13

Samantha Calimbahin: Northwestern 30, Wisconsin 20

Scott Boase: Northwestern 24, Wisconsin 20

No. 13 Utah (8-2) vs. UCLA (7-3)

Jamie Plunkett: Utah 42, UCLA 35

Marshall Weber: Utah 45, UCLA 38

Melissa Triebwasser: Utah 31, UCLA 28

Hawkeyed Frog: UCLA 40, Utah 17

Andrew Felts: Utah 27, UCLA 24

HToadSwayze: Utah 38, UCLA 35

Mason Jamboogie: Utah 45, UCLA 42

Rusty Frog: Utah 24, UCLA 23

Warrior Horned Frog: Utah 31, UCLA 28

Simone Elices: Utah 38, UCLA 27

Samantha Calimbahin: Utah 40, UCLA 34

Scott Boase: Utah 40, UCLA 38

Penn State (7-3) vs. No. 12 Michigan (8-2)

Jamie Plunkett: Michigan 35, Penn State 14

Marshall Weber: Michigan 35, Penn State 14

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan 24, Penn State 21

Hawkeyed Frog: Michigan 17, Penn State 3

Andrew Felts: Michigan 28, Penn State 24

HToadSwayze: Michigan 28, Penn State 17

Mason Jamboogie: Michigan 45, Penn State 43 (5 OT)

Rusty Frog: Penn State 30, Michigan 21

Warrior Horned Frog: Michigan 38, Penn State 32

Simone Elices: Michigan 42, Penn State 0

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan 38, Penn State 27

Scott Boase: Michigan 28, Penn State 17

No. 23 Oregon (7-3) vs. No. 24 USC (7-3)

Jamie Plunkett: USC 38, Oregon 28

Marshall Weber: Oregon 49, USC 45

Melissa Triebwasser: Oregon 37, USC 31

Hawkeyed Frog: Oregon 38, USC 27

Andrew Felts: Oregon 38, USC 35

HToadSwayze: USC 35, Oregon 31

Mason Jamboogie: USC 42, Oregon 41

Rusty Frog: Oregon 43, USC 37

Warrior Horned Frog: USC 48, Oregon 45

Simone Elices: Oregon 42, USC 41

Samantha Calimbahin: Oregon 35, USC 30

Scott Boase: USC 37, Oregon 33

No. 22 Ole Miss (7-3) vs. No. 15 LSU (7-2)

Jamie Plunkett: LSU 21, Ole Miss 17

Marshall Weber: Ole Miss 20, LSU 17

Melissa Triebwasser: LSU 30, Ole Miss 27

Hawkeyed Frog: LSU 24, Ole Miss 13

Andrew Felts: LSU 34, Ole Miss 27

HToadSwayze: LSU 28, Ole Miss 26

Mason Jamboogie: LSU 31, Ole Miss 28

Rusty Frog: Ole Miss 34, LSU 24

Warrior Horned Frog: LSU 42, Ole Miss 41

Simone Elices: LSU 48, Ole Miss 27

Samantha Calimbahin: LSU 35, Ole Miss 30

Scott Boase: Ole Miss 31, LSU 28