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Cyber Monday: Get your Frogs O' War gear for 15% off

It's Cyber Monday, so go ahead and get in on a great deal!

It's Cyber Monday, and the Gameday Depot folks are participating by giving everyone a code for 15% off of SB Nation shirts.

If you'll remember, we just came out with a few new shirts this fall, to go with the original shirt that's been available for a while.

Everything on our page at Gameday Depot is 15% off with the code CYBERSBN15, so go get shopping!

Here are two of the shirts you can find at our page.

"The Shirt"
Frogs O' War Shirt

A play on the Frogs O' War logo, this shirt is, frankly, awesome. I had a hand in putting this one together, which is why it's so classic and stylish.

"We Own Texas"
We Own Texas shirt

Designed by the folks over at Gameday Depot, this shirt is also great, and quite appropriate, seeing how the Frogs beat Tech, Baylor, and Texas this season. It's also available in purple and black.


Both of these shirts are printed as they're ordered, so they'll take about 10 business days to print and ship, unless you want to speed up the process. So, quick, get your new FOW shirts today for 15% off, using CYBERSBN15!