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Doug Meacham Staying Put or going to North Texas? What does this mean for Sonny Cumbie?


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UPDATE: 3:40 p.m.: Things are getting weird. At about the same time Carloz Mendez of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that TCU co-Offensive Coordinator Doug Meacham was finalizing a deal to become the next head coach at North Texas, a UNT beat writer posted this update on the Mean Green coaching search. It notes that while Meacham was apparently the frontrunner to land the job, the tides have changed, and now,

"UNT is expected to have a new coach in place in the next few days, but it does not appear as if Meacham will be their selection."

Not to mention, this showed up in my mentions.

So, we'll try to figure out what is happening, but sit tight everyone, this is far from over.


UPDATE: 3:18 p.m.: It appears deals are being finalized to make Doug Meacham the next head coach at North Texas, and to keep Sonny Cumbie in Fort Worth as the sole offensive coordinator, per Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

It seems like good situations for both coaches. Meacham inherits a program that has nowhere to go but up, having gone 5-19 in their past two seasons after a 9-4 season and Heart of Dallas Bowl win over UNLV in 2013.

Meanwhile, Cumbie will have full control of the offense in Fort Worth, taking the playcalling reigns that were held by Meacham. Of course, it was rumored earlier today that Texas was going to money-whip Cumbie into heading to Austin, because, you know, prestige of program and whatnot.

We'll update this as things become official, but it seems like the ball is rolling quickly on both of these.


ORIGINAL STORY: The coaching rumors are swirling in Fort Worth as hard as the storm that passed through last weekend.

First, we learned over the weekend that Doug Meacham is one of two finalists for the head coaching job at the University of North Texas. Lord knows they need someone who knows what they're doing, seeing how they lost to Portland State, an FCS school, 66-7.

The Denton Record-Chronicle reported late on Sunday evening that a source close to the situation said the offer has been made to Meacham, and that he'll likely accept. It would be a big loss for the Horned Frogs, but it would also be an incredible hire by the Mean Green.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced this morning that Texas head coach Charlie Strong is looking to hire TCU co-OC Sonny Cumbie as his new Offensive Coordinator.

Of course, Charlie Strong told reporters that he hadn't even spoken to Cumbie about the gig. Regardless of the truth to this rumor, Frog fans should know that there's no way TCU lets Meacham and Cumbie get away in the same year.

So, while Meacham looks headed to Denton, we can fully expect Cumbie to be promoted to lone OC.

These probably won't be the last coaching rumors we hear around these parts, because there are upwards of 20 possible job changes coming across the college landscape, and someone will mention Cumbie, and even Patterson, as candidates for those jobs.