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Frogs O'War Podcast: 12-14-15

On this week's pod, Marsh and Andrew finally bring on Felts to talk TCU basketball and its new crib; celebrate #CumbieBack; and close with talking about some movie called 'The Force Awakens'...

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Storyheads--Hope your week's been going well. This week Andrew and myself are very happy that we finally brought (Andrew) Felts on the podcast. We're also very excited about #CumbieBack, and we're elated that we are lucky enough to talk about one of our favorite non-TCU things, Star Wars. We won't blame you if you don't want to stay for that. But if you're a fan at all, I think you'll get a kick about talking the new movie which opens this week.

We're making you listen on Soundcloud this week, and hopefully we'll have the pod back on iTunes/Podomatic soon.

Beginning: #CumbieBack

22:39: Felts

55:15: Food

59:50: Star Wars