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2015 TCU Football Season in Songs

Study break between finals? Bored at work? Join us as we relive an unforgettable season in songs.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a music person.  Like, really a music person.  I've been singing on stage since I was 6, playing flute since I was 9, and you can currently catch me rocking out with the worship band Wooden Cross on most weekends here in North Texas.  My dad plays tuba, bongo drums, and any guitar you put in front of him.  Mom plays clarinet and piano.  So yeah, me and music go way back.  That also means I'm the person who thinks of a song for every situation, and I'll have songs stuck in my head for days at a time.  So when I watch sports, I pay attention to the music playing during highlight reels and all of those fancy musical openings put together by the networks.  Oh, and those TCU Football hype videos?  I could watch them all day long: partly for the plays and partly for the music.  (If you're wondering by now whether I was a music major, the answer is no.  I was a Criminal Justice major thanks to Dr. Burns.)

When I look back on this season, there are just so many emotions that come to mind.  And songs.  So. Many. Songs. Of course there are way too many songs I could use for the crazy things that happened this year, so I had to cut my list down.  I tried to use a variety to meet everyone's musical taste, and I apologize that some of these have explicit lyrics.  I tried to find the cleanest versions possible, but it's unavoidable in some songs.  So here are my favorites for each game this season. Click the individual song links for YouTube version, or click here for the full playlist)

Minnesota - 23-17

We Dem Boyz (Wiz Khalifa)

In the first game of the season, TCU started out strong with a 10-3 lead after the first half.  After a Minnesota FG in the 3rd, the score was 20-10 going into the 4th.  Minnesota made it close with a TD with 1:32 left in the game to make it 23-17.  Fortunately for the Frogs, the game ended before the Gophers could continue their comeback.  Of course, some jumped to the conclusion that maybe TCU wasn't as strong a team as the rankings showed.  But We Dem Boyz, right??  So we answered those doubts with the next game...

Stephen F. Austin - 70-7

Boys of Fall (Kenny Chesney)

I seriously love this music video.  Are you picturing Gary Patterson giving that speech to our Frogs in the locker room?  You know you are.  The first home game of the season brought back Frog Alley, the tailgaters, the full Student Section, and these familiar names over the loudspeaker: Boykin, Green, Docston, Listenbee, Oberkrom...mixed with the new ones: Nixon, Turpin, Sawyer.  These were our Boys Of Fall, and they dominated this game.

SMU - 56-37

Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Tubthumping (Chumbawumba)

This game required 2 songs.  One for the number of freakin' penalties we racked up.  115 yards?!  Come on, Frogs!  This game drove me insane, especially since it was my very first recap as a FOW contributor.  Would I really have to do my first recap on a game we LOST to the Mustangs?  The snobby, white-collared-shirt-in-the-middle-of-September rich kids from down the street??  Thank God I didn't have to.  The second song is for the number of injuries we suffered in this game.  You'll remember we lost Ranthony Texada with a season-ending knee injury.  Terrell Lathan was also injured and out for the next couple of games, and Kolby Listenbee had a rough landing on his hip that took him out for 2 games as well.  This was the second-most injuries TCU saw in one game this season.

Texas Tech - 55-52

My Time (Fabolous ft. Jeremih)

Time is Running Out (Apollo 440/Elliot Goldenthal)

Ah, the immaculate reception with 23 seconds left in the game.  Frog fans knew Aaron Green's name, but this game gave him his moment to really shine and show his talent to the rest of the sports world.  I mean, when they're making t-shirts out of your play, you have arrived in the sports world.  And I have a feeling Green's time in the spotlight won't be ending anytime soon.  I'll be watching this game in the off-season with some popcorn and fuzzy slippers.

Texas - 50-7

Home (Dierks Bentley)

Happy Trails (Roy Rogers and Dale Evans)

This was my first Homecoming game as an alumni, 11 years after I graduated.  It was also the first game I ever attended with my 85-year-old grandfather, who's a Texas alum.  It was a perfect day, Mike Tuaua was back on the field, and we sent the Horns home crying.  The Eyes of Texas were on the Frogs, and I'm pretty sure they'll be there for a long time.  Shoutout to Sonny Cumbie, by the way.  Thanks for sticking with us. (Kudos to Coach Mel for this one!)

Kansas State - 52-45

Lose Yourself (Eminem)

Just when we thought we had a team who knew what they were doing again, we went to Manhattan.  The score was 35-17 at the half, and we were on the losing end of it.  We came back to make it 45-42 with 6 minutes left in the game.  But the Cats got a field goal to tie it at 45.  Once again, it was a race against the clock.  With 1:52 remaining, Boykin and Docston had no room for error.  A great kickoff return by KaVontae Turpin put us at our own 36 yard line.  Two plays later, Docston caught a pass for 55 yards and got into the endzone.  A sack and fumble by Kansas State QB Joe Hubener effectively ended the game, and our undefeated record continued.

Iowa State - 45-21

My Wish (Rascal Flatts)

Whole Wide World (Mindy Gledhill)

OK, the game was decent.  A little scary at first, since the Cyclones came out of the gate pretty strong and scored 21 points in the first half.  But what we all really remember from this game was one little girl and her moment with our favorite QB.  That moment between Abby Faber and Trevone Boykin was seen around the world, and the Frogs rallied around this little girl and her family.  Abby, these songs are for you and all of our Little Frogs out there in battles they never asked for.  Never stop fighting.  Never, ever give up.

West Virginia - 40-10

High Five (They Might Be Giants)

This was the first college game my hubby has been to.  He went to a school with (gasp!) no football team.  Crazy, right?  So I convinced him to go to this one and we got tickets in the cheap seats and it was cold but awesome.  Especially since the Mountaineers never had a chance.  And who could forget the awesome high five from Dana Holgerson to Trevone Boykin?  For that reason, I chose the song above.  Total kids song.  Completely clean and family-friendly.  And I just couldn't resist it.  I'm sure my 2-year-old will be obsessed with it for months.  Oh, and remember that caught-on-tape "Baylor obsession confession" of GP's?  Let the record show that Holgerson was correct in his prediction.  Moving on now.

Oklahoma State - 49-29

All Out of Love (Air Supply)

After Josh Docston's injury took him out of the game in the 2nd quarter, the team was definitely feeling lost without him. Boykin seemed to take it upon himself to make plays the rest of the game, which caused him to make several basic errors.  He ended the night with 4 interceptions, but still managed 445 yards passing.  Not that it meant anything to the Heisman committee.  Jerks.  The first loss of the season hurt so bad.  But hey, at least we didn't lose to the Longhorns, right?!

Kansas - 23-17

Till I Collapse (Eminem)

After a stunning loss, Frog fans showed up en force to the game against the Jayhawks.  It should've been an easy game.  I actually went to this one with my dad, and it was the first game we've attended together since 2004.  And it ended up being my little one's first game due to a work emergency for my husband.  Fun times were had by all.  Except for Boykin. Fun times were not had by Boykin.  Nor Jamelle Neff and Matt Boggs.  All three were injured during this game, and Naff and Boggs would be done for the season.  Nick Orr also ended up with a cut to the head, making this TCU's #1 game for injuries this season.  I saw Boykin roll his ankle, and hoped I was just imagining things.  But a short while later, he was out of the game, and so was Docston.  Fortunately, Bram Kohlhausen was able to keep us in the game for awhile, and then Foster Sawyer came in and livened things up with a TD to make sure we got the win.  But those analysts started whispering again.  What would happen in Oklahoma if we could barely hold our own against the worst team in the Big 12 without Boykin?

Oklahoma - 30-29

That's Life (Frank Sinatra)

THIS.  This happened in Oklahoma.  Foster Sawyer threw 3 interceptions, Ty Summers was ejected for targeting Baker Mayfield, Aaron Green held the team together, and Bram Kohlhausen gave it his all.  If the Oklahoma State game stung, this one was like being kicked in the stomach.  After missing a 2-point conversion in the 3rd, the Frogs attempted another 2-point conversion with just 51 seconds remaining in the game.  TCU trailed 30-29.  It was blocked.  We all know GP likes to go for 2 on the road, but good grief, Charlie Brown.  This one hurt.

Baylor - 28-21 2OT

The Lonesome Kicker (Adam Sandler)

Emperor's New Clothes (Panic! At The Disco)

Monstars Anthem (Hit ‘Em High) (LL Cool J)

This was our championship game.  Whether we had gone to the Playoffs or not, this was the game of the year from the start.  It was time to put an end to the 61-58 flags and raise a new one.  This whole game is a tribute to Ethan Perry and our defense.  Yes, it was nice to see Boykin back on the field again, but our defense and special teams won this game.  Kickers and punters don't get a whole lot of credit, but Perry had 12 punts for 454 yards against Baylor.  There's a serious lack of songs about kickers in general, and especially punters.  But The Lonesome Kicker is just too good not to include.  Emperor's New Clothes was a suggestion from FOW Social Content Moderator Samantha, so I can't take credit for that one.  The lyrics are perfect:

I'm taking back the crown

I'm all dressed up and naked

I see what's mine and take it

(Finders keepers, losers weepers)...

Heroes always get remembered

But you know legends never die

OK, maybe not the naked part.  But the rest of it, for sure.  And yeah, I threw in some old school rap from the classic movie Space Jam in honor of our defense, particularly Ty Summers.  By the way, this was my second recap for FOW.  I was literally shaking for the entire second half and all of OT.

Thanks for sticking with me through our football season in songs.  There's just one song left to leave you with in our prep for the Alamo Bowl against the Ducks...

Give ‘Em Hell, TCU.* And thanks for giving us a season we can't get out of our heads.

*Artist: Them TCU Boys