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10 TCU Christmas Presents You Wish Were Under the Tree

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why...SANTA FROG IS COMING TO TOWN!

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Santa Froggy, so hurry down Frog Alley tonight...
Santa Froggy, so hurry down Frog Alley tonight...

If you're reading this and you still haven't finished Christmas shopping, may the odds be ever in your favor, my friend. But most likely you're a prudent and reasonable person and had your Christmas shopping finished before Halloween like most prudent and reasonable people do. And since so you were so prudent and reasonable this year, you can now sip your eggnog by the chestnuts roasting on an open fire and watch as your meticulously wrapped gifts sit quietly under the tree.

You think to yourself, Maybe, just maybe, someone was prudent and reasonable enough to get something for me, too. If they know you well enough -- you, the ever-passionate Frog fan -- perhaps one of these gifts is waiting for you. And if not (since Christmas isn't about presents, after all), well at least you can use that Visa gift card your second Uncle Marco gave you.

1. 'Catch 22' t-shirt

This play was made into a shirt? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No, we are not kidding.

Where to Buy: Prinstant Replays

2. TCU cowboy boots

Photo credit: Alexandra Plancarte

Every girl deserves a break from those oversized t-shirts and UGGs. That day is Game Day, and these TCU cowboy boots pair perfectly with purple Game Day dresses for that "oh you look pretty with makeup" look. The best part is, they're only $399!

Where to Buy: TCU Bookstore

3. TCU matryoshka dolls

Some Frog fans are hanging out in Prague making these cutie patootie matryoshka dolls. Trevone Boykin, BJ Catalon, David Porter and Jaden Oberkrom may be heading separate ways, but now you can keep the dream team together in handy dandy doll form.

Where to Buy: Somewhere in Prague. If you know the exact store, please tell us where!

4. TCU ugly sweater

Ugly sweaters are so hip right now. Who says you can't wear them after Christmas, too? Because we celebrate the Horned Frogs ALL. YEAR. LONG.

Where to Buy: GoFrogs or TipsyElves

5. TCU gnome

Photo credit: @TCUgnome

This little cutie is 0 percent terrifying and 100 percent adorable! And he even has his own Twitter account @TCUgnome. If a hundred of these showed up at the foot of my bed, I'd pick them up and hug them.

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. TCU embroidered pillow

Softly lay your head upon TCU campus landmarks with this embroidered pillow! Your couch put this on his letter to Santa.

Where to Buy: catstudio

7. The Boykin Beanie

Photo credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

You think wearing this beanie will give you quarterbacking powers like Boykin? Heh, worth a shot. Anyway, this very beanie, that Boykin is handsomely modeling in the photo, is being sold at Academy.

Where to Buy: Academy

8. TCU Nike Free Trainer 5.0

WHAT'RE THOOOOOOOSE? Something we all want, that's what. Goodness. They're gorgeous.

Where to Buy: Nike

9. Frogs O' War t-shirt

If this present isn't near the top of your wish list, you're wrong.

Where to Buy: Gameday Depot

10. Alamo Bowl trophy

Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well, let's admit it -- this is the one thing we all really want. Good 'ole bowl wins. You can never have too many.

Where to Buy: Trophies are never bought, only earned.