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Countdown: 9th Best Play of the Year

Here's a look at the 9th best play/moment from the 2015 season.

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

9) Trevone Boykin's sack turned touchdown against SMU

Let's break this one down from start to finish (START AT 45 SECONDS). At first it appears that Deuce is about to get his head taken off and taken down behind the line of scrimmage at the 35 yard line. Fortunately for all of us, Trevone Boykin is a magician and in a display of pure athleticism, he kept his balance and tore down the field for the touchdown. Oh ya and he makes two SMU defenders run into each other as they try to take him down in front of the endzone.

When I saw this live, I was in disbelief. The student section, along with the rest of Amon G. Carter Stadium was going nuts, but we would continue to be spoiled by Boykin and Co. with more and more astounding plays like this as the season went on.

Not only was this play great because...well it was a testament to Trevone's abilities, but also because of who it was against. While we didn't shut the ponies out 59-0 this year, it's always great to embarrass the team that Craig James used to play for. This was a big day for Boykin, where he would throw for 5 touchdowns and rush for one more. In terms of yardage Boykin accounted for 504 yards of total offense. This game was the first of the season where he really showed how versatile he could truly be.

P.S.) Honorable mention goes to this gorgeous Josh Doctson touchdown.