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Countdown: 6th Best Play of the Year

A play that sent Amon G. Carter up in flames on a cold and rainy night.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

6) Josh Carroway's Scoop and Score against Baylor

One thing that you can't deny about the Revivalry/Holy War/Battle for I-35, etc. is that it's entertaining. Say what you will about the weather during this rendition of Baylor vs. TCU, but I can picture no weather that better matched our feelings towards the Bears. Cold and seemingly never ending.

This was a sloppy and almost "Big 10-esque" style of football game on a cold Friday night in the Carter. The conditions played to head coach Gary Patterson's strengths. Old smash mouth, run the ball, and grind out a win type of game. Gary would let his defense run the show in this one.

Enter Josh Carroway; A member of the defensive line that has caused us at Frogs O' War to bury our faces in our hands on more than a few occasions this season. He has been on the receiving end of some questionable roughing the passer penalties, but still the fact that he was in that position caused me to say the occasional expletive word. However, he would not let his legacy for the 2015 season be defined by those calls. Some would say that this play was his destiny.

Baylor quarterback Chris Johnson scrambled out of the pocket but when he was hit on his way down to the grass, the ball came loose. Nick Orr dove after the ball, but it slipped away from him, and into the hands of Carroway who was immediately off to the races. The stadium went into an uproar.

From my point of view, the sea of ponchos in the student section were bobbing up and down in excitement. Naturally me being 5 foot 9 (10 in shoes) I was unaware that the play was not over. To my disbelief I saw number 94 running into the end zone for six points to tie the game, where I proceeded to once again let out some more expletives in the name of Josh Carroway.

- Keep eating 94. Keep eating.