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Countdown: 5th Best Play of the Year

A little character goes a long way.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

5) Trevone Boykin's moment with Abby Faber

This list has already been composed of a handful of moments that show off Boykin's athleticism, but this moment showed off something more impressive: His character. Whilst walking over to greet the other team's captains, Trevone kneeled down and asked a young girl, in a wheel chair, what her name was.

Those three words, "What's your name?" Is what started one of the top stories of October. This story made headlines in USA today, a brief shout-out on Good Morning America, and that wasn't even the most impressive part. After the game, a handful of TCU fans set up a crowdfunding page to help out Abby and her family. The story gets even sweeter. The following week a TCU donor paid for Abby and her family to fly down to Fort Worth and see the Frogs play against West Virginia ten days later! She also got to be the star of that game's edition of the Riff Ram Video.

This simple act by Trevone was just more proof of how much of a stand out individual he really is. This heartwarming moment goes to show how much influence college players have on young people, and let's hope that future athletes look to follow in the footsteps of individuals such as Trevone Boykin.

Now with all of this being said, there was another moment that came from this game...everyone's favorite Trevone Boykin reaction to a certain big Derrick Kindred hit.

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