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BREAKING: Trevone Boykin Arrested in bar fight

What the hell.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (8:47 a.m. CST): $5,000 bond and a third-degree felony charge for Boykin.

UPDATE (7:18 a.m. CST): Mark Schlabach says that Boykin hasn't posted bond yet, and has not been charged with anything yet.

UPDATE (6:47 a.m CST): TCU has released a statement.

"We are aware of a situation last night and are gathering information. We will continue to closely monitor this and evaluate additional details as they become available."


Trevone Boykin has been arrested in San Antonio Thursday morning following an apparent bar fight, according to NBC DFW. According to the report, when teammates tried to restrain Boykin, he punched a police officer.

San Antonio bicycle patrol officers arrived shortly after and, along with bar bouncers, tried to break up the fight. Police said Boykin's friends restrained the quarterback and told officers they would take him back to their hotel.

According to police, Boykin then started trying to punch officers who arrived to assist. Several officers took Boykin to the ground, where the fight continued until they threatened to use a stun gun on him.

Earlier in the report it states that Boykin and others got into a verbal altercation with people at the bar, which started this whole mess.

So, we'll keep you updated throughout the day, but obviously this is a huge blow to the Frogs, and a massive blow to what had become an absolutely stellar reputation for Trevone Boykin.