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TCU QB Trevone Boykin Issues Apology

TCU QB Trevone Boykin took to Twitter Thursday night to apologize for the actions leading to his arrest early Thursday morning.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

TCU Quarterback Trevone Boykin issued an apology on Twitter Thursday night, after being arrested in the wee hours of Thursday morning outside of a bar in San Antonio.

In his apology, he takes responsibility for his actions and apologizes to everyone, including his family, coaches, teammates, and fans.  He goes so far as to say that he will "do (his) best to restore every Horned Frogs' confidence in (him)."  Right now, that probably looks only slightly easier than climbing Mt. Everest.  Slightly. It's pretty clear to me that he'll be wishing he was on the field this coming Saturday, but he also realizes that he is not the team.

We've all made mistakes.  There have been headlines today, jokes by (cough) "other" teams, arguments between fans about whether or not the police were too hard on him or whether he had to learn his lesson.  But let's all remember what Boykin says: "Our team is greater than one individual."  Right now, our team has taken a sever hit.  Morale is low, and the pressure is on.  So put aside your anger, grief, urges to bop Boykin on the head, etc., and let's all rally around our Frogs.  They don't get to ring in the New Year surrounded by close family and friends.  They left their holiday plans early to travel to San Antonio to play for us.  They have a game to prepare for on Saturday against a flock of birds with a good reputation.  But those birds are beatable. And our team needs to remember that right now.  They need to know that they can win.  More importantly, they need to know that we believe in them.

So go dig out your favorite purple shirt, sweatshirt, socks, and hats, and let's do this Frogs.  Show our team that we support them.  And while we can be frustrated and disappointed, let's remind Boykin that he'll always be one of us.  Horned Frogs don't give up on Horned Frogs.