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TCU QB Trevone Boykin should still be in the Heisman Trophy conversation

Did he have a bad game against Oklahoma State? Yes. Did he miss two games because of injury? Yep. But that shouldn't erase him from the minds of the voters.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Trevone Boykin has had a ridiculous season. He's broken pretty much every record Andy Dalton set when the now-Bengals quarterback was still donning his purple and white cape.

He's got over 4,100 total yards of offense on the season, to go with 40 touchdowns. He made so many people miss on a single play that an opposing coach high-fived him. He took off for a 69 yard touchdown run when the Frogs needed it most against Kansas State, and then threw for a 55-yard TD to seal the deal.

He Boykin-flipped, AGAIN.

Not to mention, he's pretty great off the field, too. We've all seen this photo, of Boykin and Abby Faber, as the two bonded before Boykin led the Frogs to victory over Iowa State. After that game, he won over even more ISU fans.

That's not the only time he did it, though. Boykin stayed classy in defeat, stopping to shake hands with Cowboys fans just minutes after the Pokes handed TCU their first loss of the season.

And sure, while the rare Fort Worth monsoon dampened his numbers against Baylor, he still managed to throw two touchdown passes and run for another. And yet, Boykin isn't even the top QB in the Heisman race. So who are the other quarterbacks in the race right now?

According to several organizations, Clemson's Deshaun Watson, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield, and Mississippi State's Dak Prescott all sit ahead of Boykin in their projections. So, let's put the stats side-by-side, shall we?

Name Completion % Passing Yards Passing TDs Rushing Yards Rushing TDs Total Yards Total TDs YPG INT
Trevone Boykin 64.9% 3,575 31 612 9 4,187 40 418.7 10
Deshaun Watson 70.4% 3,223 27 756 9 3,979 36 331.6 10
Baker Mayfield 68.6% 3,389 35 420 7 3,809 42 317.4 5
Dak Prescott 66.9% 3,413 25 541 10 3,954 35 329.5 4

Boykin has more total yards and yards per game than the other three, and just two fewer touchdowns than Baker Mayfield despite missing two games (yes, Mayfield also missed a half of play this season due to injury).

Trevone Boykin has also done a few other things this season that haven't been done in quite a while. Enter: TCU SID Mark Cohen.

Boykin did things this season no other QB this year has even touched. And he did it all in two fewer games.

I know what the naysayers are coming back with, now, "Well you can't expect to win the Heisman after a bad game like Oklahoma State."


Enter: Avid TCU fan and Twitter personality @Ace_Gagnon.

Note: RG3 lost THREE games the year he won the Heisman. Manziel lost two. Technically, Boykin only lost one. Not to mention, Griffin's loss above was to the same team as Boykin's, by a larger margin, and a worse performance. Baylor also lost to Texas A&M 55-28 that season, and to Kansas State 36-35.

Meanwhile, a Baker Mayfield-led Oklahoma squad inconceivably lost to Texas this season, while Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs are 8-4.

So spread the word. #Boykin4Heisman should be on the lips of every Frog fan, and at their fingertips every time they Tweet and post on Facebook (And every time you Snapchat the Heisman Trust).

Go Frogs.