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Frogs O'War Podcast: Sonny Cumbie Talk

Oh won't you stayyyy, just a little bit longer? We talk a little about the Alamo Bowl, a little about the Texas-Baylor game, the Boykin snub, Docton's All-American status, but we know why you're really here. And we go into a deep Sonny Cumbie rabbit hole.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Two men. One mic. An infinite TCU football dialogue between two friends. What was supposed to be a done deal Sunday night, is still on hold. Why? Who knows exactly, but Andrew and I try to put the pieces together Zodiac-style. What are his reasons to stay? What are his reasons to leave? We try and figure it out.

Listen below, or if you listen on iTunes, get us dem clicks so we can slay the dragon that is Serial.

Cumbie talk starts at 31:42