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How Did You Become a TCU Horned Frog Fan?

The college football offseason provides plenty of time to ask the big questions in life. Today we're asking you: How did you become a fan of TCU? The FOW Staff will tell their stories in full articles in the coming weeks, but we want to hear your stories too.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

College football doesn't start for about seven more months, and while we have baseball (and basketball, maybe?) to comfort us, we've still got some extra time on our hands.

We'll be asking a lot of different questions and providing our input throughout the spring and summer, but for now, answer this: How and when did you become a fan of the Frogs?

We all have a story of how we became a fan of the TCU Horned Frogs. Maybe it was a birthright, placed on you by your parent's allegiance to the purple and white. Maybe you joined the party later, like when you stepped on campus for the first time. Regardless, something happened that made you decide to jump on this roller coaster, and inquiring minds want to know what that was and when it happened.

So, tell us how you became a Frog fan in the comments below, or in a FanPost, won't you?