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Purple-off II: KSU @ TCU Horned Frogs gamethread

The Wildcats come to town looking much like us- wearing purple and fresh off a home win over a top 25 team from Oklahoma that seemed to come out of nowhere.

More Shepherd tonight, please.
More Shepherd tonight, please.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The first Kansas State game was one of the more frustrating experiences of the season, as Marcus Foster lived at the line to score 23 points and the Frogs were beaten on the boards (in a way that felt a lot more convincing than the final stats show) to secure our second loss of the season. Fortunes have changed a bit for both teams, as both KSU sits just one spot ahead of the frogs in the Big 12 rankings, but they have a practically insurmountable four game cushion on us. Still, this is one of the few games left on the schedule where it's not too unrealistic to see things turning the Frogs way- the first game was quite close, and this one is at home. If we keep the formula against OSU (don't shoot a ton of threes, let Kyan distribute instead of jack up long twos), this should be a good game throughout. This is your gamethread to watch and comment along.

Go Frogs!