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The Return of the Mailbag

If you've been around Frogs O' War for a while, you might remember the Friday Mailbag series we used to do. Well, since we've got a little time on our hands, it's time to bring it back. Get your questions in.

If you've been hanging around Frogs O' War for a while, you'll remember that we used to do a series called the Friday Mailbag. Well if you're wondering, "are they bringing it back?" the answer is yes. This is the Thursday kickstarter for the Friday Mailbag, where you ask any question your heart desires and I answer it to the best of my ability, either with words or gifs, and sometimes both.

I'll respond to your questions tomorrow in a separate post. You can also use this thread as a general rabble thread, and, if you behave, maybe next week it can be the return of BoW (ONLY IF YOU BEHAVE THOUGH SERIOUSLY).

Here is just a partial list of things you could ask questions about:







-Stuff & Things

-Foods and Drinks

-String Theory (plz don't really ask about this)

-Breakfast foods

-Being a Dad

-The Grind