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TCU Baseball Preview: Game 2 Arizona State

Today should be an absolute g-e-m as Tyler Alexander faces off against Ryan Kellogg...

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Not enough can be said about Preston Morrison; but we’ll get deeper into that on Monday. Last night though, Morrison threw another shutout, this time a complete game highlighted by 63 strikeouts amid 88 pitches. The baserunning was also top notch, and proves just what a great Coach Schloss is, and who how taking care of the little things lead to such dynamite payoffs in baseball. Every ball in the dirt was read well the TCU runners, and when appropriate, they executed the steals. As the resident TCU curmudgeon, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the RLOB last night, but considering how well the Frog offense did against such great pitching otherwise, they got away with it.

Saturday: Alexander vs. Kellogg






Ryan Kellogg





Tyler Alexander



6.75 0.0

This afternoon is probably TCU’s toughest test. Ryan Kellogg doesn’t fall apart as quickly as Brett Lilek tends to. Kellogg also has much greater command and has a nice four-pitch fastball that consistently stays in the high 80s. Kellogg no-hit a very strong offensive team in Oregon State a few years ago, and also unlike Lilek, he possess a capability to go the distance more consistently. If the Frogs are having trouble with him, he’ll stay in and suck the life out of TCU.

(a reminder when Alexander beat Baylor)

Aside from that, Keaton Jones moving in for Wanhanen in the second spot will be interesting to see. K. Jones has surpassed every offensive expectation set for him this year; and on top of already having a home run, he's played a significant role in TCU's five wins--including a big RBI last night.

Today should be a real treat, and if you have the means, I'd suggest streaming it on the ASU website...