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The Weekly Mailbag: Answers to your Questions

Sorry for the delay, but here are the answers to the questions you asked last week.

The Mailbag seems to have been welcomed back with open arms, which is fantastic. You all asked some great questions last week, and now I'm here to answer them. HERE WE GO.

What is your victory cigar of choice, and what is the paired whisky?

Whatever someone hands me, and whatever I have around. I do not claim to be a cigar and/or whisk(e)y afficionado, however, I do know that they both should be appreciated, regardless of price tag.

Please list your projected starters for offense, defense and special teams for next season in regards to the football-ball team.








Joseph Noteboom


James McFarland


Jamelle Naff


Davion Pierson


Joey Hunt


Aaron Curry


Brady Foltz


Mike Tuaua


Big V


Paul Whitmill


Trevone Boykin


Sammy Douglas


Aaron Green


Ranthony Texada


Josh Doctson


Derrick Kindred


Kolby Listenbee


Kenny Iloka


Deante’ Gray


Denzel Johnson


Buck Jones


Corry O’Meally

Please tell us the proper day of each month to post boobie gifs.


When are we all going to tailgate at a baseball game?

The Baylor weekend, March 13-15. Probably the 14th? Saturdays are good days for tailgating.

Additionally, Is Evan Skoug the new Boomer White?

He has more power than Boomer White, but not as great of a name, so we'll call it a push.

Favorite class at TCU?

Disasters and Failures, Can't remember the professor, because we built bridges with popsicle sticks and saw how much weight they could hold.

But seriously, the religion department at TCU is fantastic, and I enjoyed all of my classes/professors there.

What are your thoughts on the new baseballs?

I'm glad they're making adjustments to try to put some of the offense back in the game. It seems to be working so far.

Do you still enjoy Kate Upton even though she’s sold out for those awful Game of War commercials?


How much was the offense tailored to Boykin and how much do we think it will change post-Boykin? If the offense was tailored to Boykin’s dual threat abilities, do we think that will effect the choosing of the next QB (eg: Muehlstein over Sawyer)? How good is Kolhausen? Is he in the QB competition along with Muehlstein and Sawyer?

That style of offense is tailored to any quarterback that can move a bit, and is accurate on short and intermediate throws. So, as long as the quarterbacks behind Boykin have a similar skill set, it won't need to change much. The nice thing about this offense though, is that it is flexible enough to be adapted to guys with different skill sets.

So, I think the best quarterback out of Muehlstein and Sawyer will succeed Boykin, and the offense will be adjusted to their needs. As for Kolhausen, he's decent, but I don't think he will be in the QB competition moving forward. He was clearly better than Zach Allen, but now that the Mule and Sawyer have burned their redshirts, they'll be above him on the depth chart.

Do you think that Green is going to have competition to remain as the starting running back?

It won't necessarily be competition for the starting job, but there will absolutely be a competition for snaps behind him. With Kyle Hicks, Trevorris Johnson and Shaun Nixon all coming back, there's a wealth of talent that wants to see the field, and probably needs to be on the field.

I saw/heard somewhere that Coach Meachum provides the creativity in play design while Coach Cumbie hammers out the details. If Coach Meachum leaves, how does it effect our play-calling?

Anytime there's turnover at a play-calling position things will change, but in this case, because the two have worked together there would probably be a good amount of continuity should Meacham leave. At this point in their careers though, I think Cumbie would be more likely to leave first.

What do you think of the DC hires?

I like them. They're guys that Patterson trusts, and we all know that Patterson makes the final calls anyways. The one question I have is who will be making the defensive line calls, which was Bumpas' responsibility.

Who is the most under-utilized player on offense?

I would have to agree with the commenter here and say Deante' Gray. His numbers didn't back up how big of an impact he had on games last season. However, here's the thing. With this offense, there are going to be some games where guys don't get the touches they probably should, simply because things are built to spread the ball around and keep defenses on their heels.

When is the women's sand volleyball season?

March 6th. You can find their whole schedule here. We'll gladly do recaps and whatnot, but hopefully these games will be televised, because they're all in Arizona and California.

Do you think our RS Freshman Foster and The Mule see any time next year?

Yes, I think they're going to be Boykin's primary backups next season, provided the Kenny Hill thing doesn't work out.

Does Coach Patterson intend to change TCU's ball handling procedures in light of Boston's deflate-gate?

I'll be sure to ask Coach how he intends to handle TCU's balls the next time I see him.


SO. That's the mailbag. IF you have any follow up questions, or new questions that you want answered, leave them below. Marshall is up this week to answer all your questions, wants, needs..... he's here for you no matter what.